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Chapter 218

218,1. When the great army was a two days' journey north of Hanoch, the ten halted the caravan and asked for a general camp to be setup.

218,2. About five hundred thousand tents were erected in a beautiful, richly with fruit vegetated mountain valley, which was still uninhabited, and this for the reason that it was surrounded on all sides by insurmountable high mountains and had only one possible access, which, however, was also very difficult to pass because it consisted of a narrow, fairly steep ravine, of which the scrub and here and there very loose rocks had to be cleared away first before further travel was possible.

218,3. The ten knew about this valley, since they already discovered it on their first trip, and had at that time adopted a secret plan to make good use of this magnificent valley on a certain occasion.

218,4. The opportunity had presented itself now, and so this valley was fully monopolized, which together with other habitable mountain areas measured over seventy square miles (1 Austrian mile = 7.58 km).

218,5. When all the people were accommodated in the tents, the ten summoned all the chiefs and said:

218,6. "Now listen to us! We now want to reveal to you the true plan which is the reason for our undertaking!

218,7. You have tasted in the most inhumane way the most shameful, gold greedy government of the priests in Hanoch as slaves and beasts of burden of the aristocrats of the great empire, and with your scared skin you are still witnesses of the great nefarious cruelty of these immigrated former mountain dwellers against us poor children of Kahin!

218,8. Now payday has arrived! Through our cleverness we have made all of you in the whole wide kingdom free and knew how to beguile the true devils of senior priests, to let them walk into this trap.

218,9. The day of the most terrible revenge is here! Espouse in everything the ancient God and then us as His tools, and we will again become the rulers of Hanoch, and those who bought you as beasts of burden, will soon be compelled to serve you in the same capacity!

218,10. But we will not move towards Hanoch and initiate a bloody, uncertain battle with the big, powerful city, but here on this place we will conquer them and will throw their bodies to the many beasts of the forest to consume! And if we have caused them an incalculable great defeat, only then will we march into Hanoch under the most terrible name, to subjugated everyone who is not part of our tribe!

218,11. But now we have to build houses here and lay out fruit gardens, carefully collect all the fruits, search for edible roots and to multiply them in the gardens! Then we have to accurately examine the whole wide encircling mountain range for any possible access! Should that be the case, the access must immediately be blocked with a wall, so that it is even for a cat impossible to climb over it!

218,12. When all this will be accomplished, we will give you further orders! Thus go now and set everything in motion; But your prime focus remains the main entrance! Let it be done!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-218 Chapter