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Chapter 219

219,1. The top commanders went and diligently and emphatically relayed the instructions to the whole army and all began to stir.

219,2. Two hundred thousand men went to investigate the entrances leading to this mountain valley, and wherever a ravine or any possibility existed to enter the valley over the high mountains, everything was done to make such sites as inaccessible as possible.

219,3. The canyons were blocked off with high walls and at those places of the high mountains which were slightly less steep and thus were in an extreme case passable, were either on the one side or on the other side turned into high rising vertical rock faces so that a transition was quite impossible.

219,4. It took this section of the army, assigned to fortify the valley, six month to complete the work.

219,5. More than twice as many people were assigned to build fixed dwellings and completed in the same time two hundred thousand houses and cottages.

219,6. A third and biggest group of people, however, were used for agriculture; and within a short time hundreds of thousands of gardens and fields were created, and already in one year this valley looked like an Eden.

219,7. The most remarkable thing in this matter, however, was that in these many excavations a great number of extremely rich gold veins were discovered, which were immediately mined and processed so that within a short time many thousands and thousands zentner (1 zentner = about 50 kg) of the purest gold was yielded. Yes, this metal was found in such quantities there that the ten even had all kinds of home appliances made from shining gold - such as the plow, the spade, the hoes, and shovels! In the course of three years already, every resident of this valley had golden tools.

219,8. In short, there was so much gold exploited from the mountains within a short time, and this in a very pure state, that the ten had large free standing rocks of the high mountains facing Hanoch, plated with gold so that it looked like if they were pure gold.

219,9. The high ductility of gold was known to them. They were also familiar with the use of various tree resins and thus it was easy for them to gild some rocks of the high mountains.

219,10. Likewise, they had the main entrance to this now beautiful mountainous countryside walled with huge, well- hewn square stones on both sides at forty ell high and three hundred fathoms long and had it gilded, so that it had the appearance as if the whole wall was from pure gold.

219,11. In the course of five years this large mountain valley was so cultured that thereat the senior officers together with other community leaders went to the ten and said:

219,12. "Listen to us, you dear, wise men! We are of the opinion to let Hanoch - be Hanoch; for we are now here obviously better off than the whole of Hanoch!

219,13. We have fruits, cereals, sheep, cows, camels, donkeys, deer, gazelles, goats, chickens, pigeons, hares, rabbits and gold in great abundance.

219,14. We live here in peace and in good harmony. We are well dressed and have good and solid houses. We are here cut off from the whole world and live well in a fortress that only God can defeat! No one can ever find us and betray here!

219,15. Therefore, let Hanoch be as it is and live here quietly; because once the Hanochites learn of our shining prosperity, they will never leave us in peace!"

219,16. But the ten said: "That you do not understand! We are no fools and march towards Hanoch; but we will lure them in a most cunning way to our main entrance and defeat them there in a manner which they will not forget for centuries!

219,17. Soon we will prepare messengers to invite the senior priests to receive the gold here! If they then come here, they will receive a load that forever they will not know what hit them? - Why? That, only we know!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-219 Chapter