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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-22 Chapter

Chapter 22

22,1. But Satana defiantly turned to the Lord again and said to Him: "Your way to rule only consists in commanding those who You supposedly have created to act freely and to judge that what bears no free consciousness in itself!

22,2. But that You amicably, not imperious, enter into a discussion with a free creature, to persuade it freely through pure love, behold, this seems to be quite alien to You from all eternity!

22,3. As such You also command me continually, and I should pretty much continually obey You and finally have nothing for all my obedience but Your always, constant, most visible contempt; for that I thank You in advance for all eternity of eternities!

22,4. If You had said to me: ‘You My beloved, sweetest, most glorious Satana! Behold, I want to listen to you in all love for you; therefore advise Me, and I will act according to your advice!', I then would have given You some advice; but upon such highly mischievous, imperious demand, I will not give you an advising answer!

22,5. Do You think that Your power gives You the right to treat me like that? - Oh, there You are mistaken mightily!

22,6. If You are a real, most wise Creator, and I am Your first creature, then honor Yourself in me through an appropriate accolade to me, addressed to Your creature!

22,7. However, if You can’t do this, then thereby You show me nothing else than firstly that I am a completely botched creature of Your power and wisdom, and secondly You thereby give Yourself the most unequivocal testimony of a bungler in Your creation, and I and the whole of creation is therefore nothing more than a highly failed attempt of Your creative power property.

22,8. Therefore, behave Yourself a little different towards me and do not embarrass Yoursef in front of your supposed to be children! Who could respect You with such exposures?!

22,9. I know it that You are really highly divine wise and also are good; therefore it also annoys me endlessly more that You are against me as if I would not be Yours, but some stranger’s creature.

22,10. I'm of course the only creature from You, that has the courage to tell You this, and in the face of the cowards it sounds perhaps a bit weird, if a creature criticizes its Creator; but I ask: Why should the creature not have this right since it is a free creature?!

22,11. For therefore that You have created me, I as your creature, do not owe You any thanks and no respect, because as not being created as yet, I could not have entered into any previously binding agreement with You for the subsequent creation of me, and as such I’m no debtor to You after been created by You!

22,12. As a creature I can only then be grateful to You, if I have learned from You, as my Creator, that it is really a great boon to be a free, self-conscious and happiest creature.

22,13. But for as long I do not feel like that, for as long I have the right to argue with You and to possibly reject everything what You in a creative mightily manner want to impose on me for nothing at all.

22,14. If I’m not to Your liking, then either destroy me entirely or create me differently - but not as imperfect as I’m now; for in this way I forever can’t be an honor to You!

22,15. If I should adore You as a creature and beg for everything, then do it, and walk up front as a good example, and at least be polite to me, - then I as your creature will do what is right; but with Your commands You will forever not achieve anything with me! Understand me!

22,16. For the time being that will also be my required advice to You, and without its observance I will forever give you no other! Do understand me once more! Amen out of me!"

22,17. Here the Lord turned very sad to the three witnesses and said to them, "Children! Am I like that and do I deserve this?!

22,18. O My eternal love! What have I done already to save this creature and guide it to the final difficult completion; alone I just can’t succeed with this venture!

22,19. Yes, I have made a mistake with this being, and it consists therein, that I have created it too consummately perfect, in order to make it after its completion so endlessly happy as it was just possible according to My eternal omnipotence, wisdom, goodness, love and mercy!

22,20. Only, this not even quarter ripe being, rebels, at this most important and most difficult stage of its schooling to such an extent against My everything guiding order, that I earnestly must be sad about such obstinacy!

22,21. And since I do not want to resolve it, given My eternal love and mercy, I see myself forced to initiate an endless long process anew, as to gradually weaken this stubbornness to one atom, and to begin to build on the other side for Me a whole new creature out of you, My children, thus according to My heart, as you are!

22,22. O Satana, I cried once when you disobeyed Me the first time; now I cry and will cry once more; but then I will never cry for you again, but will give you according to your works and according to your will! Then you shall realize what your proud obstinacy has made of you and where it has led you!

22,23. But let us now go from here and leave this creature in its stubbornness! "

22,24. Here, Satana threw herself before the Lord and screamed: "O Lord, do not leave me and have mercy on me poor! You know very well that I am a poor fool and am therefore full obstinate wickedness! Let me be punished for my wickedness; but do not leave me now! I will do what You want!

22,25. And the Lord said: "Thus obey and do what I ask of you for your own good, and I want to linger and listen to you; but should you revolt once more, I will never again listen to you! Thus rise and speak! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-22 Chapter