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Chapter 220

220,1. Everything, however, what happened in Hanoch and now also in the mountain country, was made known to Noah on the heights and it was indicated to him to first send a messenger to the highlanders, to convince them to let go of their malicious plans against the Hanochites and to admonish them vividly to true repentance, humility and a living trust in the living God and to love Him.

220,2. Similarly, he, namely Noah should also send a second messenger to Hanoch. He especially should tell the senior priests how they had been betrayed by the ten. He then should advise them, not to look for these traitors and try to chastise them for it. Because they could only be punishment by the Divine; but any human punishment attempt is bound to fail, because these people had fortified themselves to such an extent that it was not possible for any man of a hostile nature, to reach these people alive.

220,3. Therefore, the high priest should reunite in the name of the one true God, should do serious penance themselves, destroy the idols and return to the only one true God, who then will show mercy to them and will bring friendship between them and the highland people, and they will then provide you with rich donations of all kind from their great superfluity of gold, cattle, and fruits of all kinds! God, the Lord, will then not inflict a judgement on the world but will bless her, and give her treasures in a priceless amount and fullness!

220,4. Noah immediately went and looked for two messengers, instructed them, blessed them and then sent them out, as I have told him.

220,5. The messenger to the highland people was tolerable successful and persuaded the ten, who had not yet forgotten the lesson of Noah, to make peace; he only had to give them the right of self-defense, if they were attacked by the Hanochites.

220,6. The messenger explained to them explicitly that I will protect them for as long as they would remain in My love and fidelity.

220,7. But the ten said: "We also want this, if you can give us a benchmark by which we can calculate whether our love to God is within limits or not. Without this benchmark and without the right to self-defense, we are always uncertain if our love for God is sufficient so that we can be always assured of His assistance!"

220,8. And the messenger said: "Every person has such a benchmark in his heart, which precisely tells him whether he loves God or the world more or trusts his own strength more than the divine!”

220,9. But the ten said: "Friend, this is a too subtle (fine) scale, on which one can never rely; often a person is under the impression that he still stands strong in the right love and mercy of God - but then he is already terribly mistaken!

220,10. For man has gravity that continuously pulls him downward; and he sinks imperceptibly! If after a certain period he then believes, that he still stands in the first degree of his love- and grace-height, lo, he has already fallen many thousand fathoms deep and already falls outside the area of divine grace!

220,11. If he is now invaded by an enemy and does not have the right to defend himself, he apparently is done for, because God due to His Holiness had to let him down!"

220,12. The messenger made here of course the most cogent objections as evidence to the contrary; but it was in vain, because the ten always knew how to counteract him quite vigorously. And so he had to cede to them the right of self-defence in certain instances, and did that because he was treated so distinguishedly well by all the people and by the ten.

220,13. But the messenger to Hanoch was not so favorably received. For firstly, he had to endure all fear tortures before the senior priests would listen to him, and when he was allowed to talk and completed his mission, he was immediately locked up in a dungeon until the senior priests had convinced themselves by sly spies of what he had said about the highlanders.

220,14. After such confirmation he was freed from prison again, but had to become himself a senior priest and had to vote in the council of the senior priests, irrespective if he wanted or not; for the alternative was of being flogged and condemned to hell for several days.

220,15. And so the messenger to Hanoch disappeared without a trace and without any effect.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-220 Chapter