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Chapter 221

221,1. A year passed under many discussions among the senior priests in Hanoch, how they should attack the traitors in the highlands; but any proposal was linked to insurmountable difficulties so that it had to be considered simply unfeasible to which enlightenment of course the newly appointed senior priest contributed the most. For wherever the fiercest senior priests imagined to attack the traitors in the highlands, the new senior priest led them there and showed them the most outright impossibility of carrying out their plans.

221,2. But the senior priests urged him that he should give them a possible executable plan for revenge against this vilest of traitors.

221,3. But the new senior priest said: "I have shown you the right way at the very outset; this is the only possible one. If you opt to go this route, the great treasures of the highlands will benefit you along the way of friendship, but if you do not want to do this, you will achieve less with these traitors than with the moon on the firmament!

221,4. What good is your wrath, your anger, your fury, what your cries for revenge, where clear common sense tells you: 'It is all for naught and in vain! As little we can bite off a piece from the moon, irrespective our mighty furious appetite for it, as little we will be able to tweak off from these traitors!'

221,5. But if you do not want to believe me, then go there and be rebuked by a bloody lesson! Once you see a couple of hundreds of thousands of your best warriors slain before you, you will certainly see things in another light!"

221,6. Now, the senior priests did not really know what they should do.

221,7. But one of them, an otherwise very fine clientele, said: "You know what? The ten rascals outsmarted us by their finely calculated perfidy! How would it be if we would use the same weapon?

221,8. It would be more than a little strange, if throughout the whole of Hanoch would not exist such mischievous conspirator who could not outbid those ten main rascal’s ignominy and roguery.

221,9. Let us therefore call on all the most crafty swindlers to come here so that we can select the best one! We then promise him a great advantage, if he can outwit the ten on the heights. I’m convinced that we will make some progress!"

221,10. But the new senior priest said: "Yes, you now have found the best thought to your utter destruction! Just make such weakness of yours known to the rogues of Hanoch and you will make it much easier for them to reach their promised benefit than you think!

221,11. Do you think they will risk their lives for you? Just the opposite: they will deceive you and then take their advantage! And even if one goes to the ten, he will be no fool and will return to you, if he is better received by them and will on top of it be a second traitor to you!

221,12. But now do what you want, - I have finished speaking; from now on experience will be your counselor!”

221,13. Here the entire senior priesthood struck a blank and did not know what they should do. Thus the meeting was closed without any decision and all went their way; but on the third day another major council meeting was convened.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-221 Chapter