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Chapter 223

223,1. During the planning of the political friendship deputation to the ten on the highlands it was eventually decided that naturally the sly under priestly counselor had to be the leader himself. Another thirty under priests were assigned to him who were completely grown into the senior priests, so that this very clever under priest did not during his mission wanted to also follow the footsteps of the ten.

223,2. This mission of thirty under priestly escorts and the one leader were abundantly endowed with all kinds of friendship gifts consisting of gold, silver and precious stones. Twenty camels had to carry it.

223,3. And the one secretly looked with great pleasure at such a rich friendship donation to the highlanders; for he already had calculated how he would use it.

223,4. Upon departure the senior priests impressed once again on him very thoroughly that he should remain mindful of his oath of trust.

223,5. He confirmed such under many artificial tears and even his highly senior priestly minded escorts spoke convincingly about him: "No, no! We warrant our lives for him; for in his chest does not prevails a bad thought. His tears are the surest pledge of his loyalty to us! Oh, to him you can entrust heaven and earth!"

223,6. After several such insurances, the deputation got under way, accompanied by any suspicion of the senior priests.

223,7. But in the head as in the chest of the one under priest it looked quite different from what he showed outwardly; for he had planned the matter as follows:

223,8. “First the friendship donation must be deposited before the ten! Out of sheer politics the ten will then retort the friendship! Why? This can be easily guessed, namely to draw the senior priests into the net!”

223,9. The one priest had calculated all this in advance; Therefore, he knew how to lead his deputation.

223,10. When this deputation reached the golden looking gate to the highlands midmorning on the third day, they were immediately stopped and thoroughly questioned and searched before they were admitted, and were under a strong escort taken to the ten out who had their home-castle on a high spacious rock.

223,11. But when the one leader saw such great things made out of pure gold, he said to his companions: "Friends, how does our friendship donation compares to this where whole mountains of purest gold confronts us from all sides, - where the vast rock mountain on which the ten had built a golden shining castle, as it seems to be even here and there of the purest gold naturally? Does it not look like as if we are carrying a drop of water to the sea?! - But the will for the work! A rogue who gives more than he can and what he has!"

223,12. His companions agreed with him; but he thought to himself: If this is the case here, I already have all of the vermin of the upper priesthood already in my net! Now only the approving vote of the ten who are my friends, and the work is done!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-223 Chapter