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Chapter 224

224,1. When the one and his company was led before the ten, he was very warmly welcomed by them and asked with the utmost politeness, what his mission was.

224,2. But he showed the ten through a window, the richly laden camels and said:

224,3. "Dear brothers! I am sent as a messenger of peace by the upper priesthood to you; they wish to build a certain friendship with you, likewise thus also all the people of Hanoch!

224,4. Therefore the senior priests have sent you some friendship gifts, which you may want to accept as a sign of their friendship which they want to build with you!

224,5. They want to completely forget about that you have sinned treacherous against them; you only should become their friends again and even come back to Hanoch, where you will be received with full honors!"

224,6. During this introduction he made known to the ten through all sorts of eye movements that he was forced to speak like that in the presence of his escort, but that he would like to speak differently if he was alone.

224,7. But the ten understood the language of his eyes and said: "You have seen that it is absolutely not necessary for us to accept any gifts from the senior priests of Hanoch; because the owners of gold mountains despise gold, which was collected with bloody hands and forced from the poor by all sorts of lies, deceit and pressure.

224,8. Firstly, we therefore do not accept the gold, the silver, and the gemstones; and secondly, concerning their offered friendship, tell them we are inclined to accept this just as little than their presents! For we are no one-year old hares, that we did not know what the senior priest’s evil intentions are against us! Therefore we will not enter into any suggestions of the senior priests!

224,9. If the senior priests want to win our friendship, they first have to cease to be senior priest, and must anoint and crown the one messenger who was sent to them from the heights as the sole king and high priest over all the people of the depths! For as long as this will not happen, they may not reckon on even a distant friendship with us; because we will never care to close a friendship with devils.

224,10. We therefore also advise the senior priests, not to get close to us in whatever manner; for every approach from their side will be severely punished.

224,11. Therefore go back to Hanoch with your treasures and give such message from us to the high priests and the devils of senior priests!

224,12. But you, who at one stage was of our disposition, will stay here; for you do not have neither wife nor child and we may need you here! So be it!"

224,13. The one was filled with joy; the thirty, however, returned with long faces to their camels and went empty-handed back to Hanoch.

224,14. What the senior priests had to say to this incident will be elaborated on with a few glances as follows and it will show that the judgement was not far away anymore.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-224 Chapter