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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-225 Chapter

Chapter 225

225,1. The one who stayed behind in the highlands, naturally told the ten, after his thirty colleagues had left, everything the senior priests wanted to undertake against them, and the meaning of their pretended friendship.

225,2. The ten knew how to duly appreciate such and lauded this their former companion and main colleague.

225,3. But the senior priests in the depths, as the thirty faithful under-priests returned with the laden camels, asked at once: "Well, have you received gifts in return? How did it went with Gurat (the one under priest)? Where is he?"

225,4. And the under-priests said: "O almighty servants of the gods! Of everything the barest opposite! The ten have not even looked at your gold, silver and precious stones; shamefully they just rejected us immediately, and we therefore have brought all the gifts back again completely untouched!

225,5. But concerning Gurat, there has never been a more crafty rascal than he! Although he presented exactly your will in our presence - but at the same time expressed such a body language which stated precisely the opposite of everything he presented with his mouth! Upon this most condemned double speech the ten gave us the following endless vilest and under all condemnation most wicked communication:

225,6. They certainly could not accept the bloody gold which has been taken from poor humans through blackmail and all kinds of lies, deceit and pressure; for they were already in possession of gold mountains (which is true) and therefore had the God blessed gold in exceeding abundance. They therefore even less so could accept the gold which is covered with the blood of poor humanity!

225,7. They certainly will also not accept your friendship, with the only exception, namely, if you stop to be senior priests and place the messenger from the heights as the sole ruling king over all the kingdoms of Hanoch; but you should become equal to common citizens or whatever the new sole ruling king will make of you!

225,8. They also advise you, not to come close in any way to their richest highlands, or you will be punished badly!

225,9. Now we're done; this is the true meaning of everything the ten had said which we had to listen to with a most terrible anger!"

225,10. Here the senior priests began to hit their chests and swore by all the gods that they now wanted to do everything in order to take revenge on the ten in the most terrible manner.

225,11. Thereupon they cursed the earth for three days, which dares to carry such abominations; then they cursed for seven days the sun which provides light to such abominations; they then cursed the air, the water, the fire, that it not immediately destroys those outcasts of the earth. A whole month went by under loud curses.

225,12. Thereupon the messenger from the heights was robbed of his senior priest robe and was publicly flogged with rods and then driven from the city with a bleeding back and then stoned to death, because he had said that the senior priests should accept the advice of the ten.

225,13. The senior priests even released a commandment that every citizen must curse the ten for one hour each day.

225,14. At the same time they offered the greatest reward to the man who could devise some diabolical means to hideously punish the ten in the highlands.

225,15. But from this course it clearly can be inferred already that the judgement of at that time was close by. But the following will bring forth even better results for hell.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-225 Chapter