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Chapter 226

226,1. However, through this very curse commandment, within a short time the distant provinces of Hanoch got informed, that the senior priests in Hanoch themselves were in trouble because they have been so badly cheated through the costly redemption of the slaves. Therefore such provinces rebelled and completely disengaged from Hanoch.

226,2. When the senior priests in Hanoch got word of this action, they lost it completely! Because they were told that such disengagement of the distant provinces were caused by the machinations of the highlanders, and such reporting was enough to put the senior priests in a state of the most terrible wrathful rage.

226,3. For a whole day they howled and roared through all the streets and alleys, and one could make out only one call from the otherwise howling, and this was: "Get up all the citizens of Hanoch to a hundredfold revenge against the highlanders and against all those countries, who rebelled against us by the machinations of the highlanders!”

226,4. The next day was recruited, and every man - if he was not from the highest aristocracy - had to take up arms. Even the female gender was not excluded.

226,5. In a few days, a fighting-ready army of five million warriors was equipped. The weapons consisted of spears, swords, bows and fire tubes in the way the old Turks used them during the time of their first wars, when they were still fired with stone balls; for the powder was already invented under king Dronel, a son of Ohlad and was quite refined under Kinkar (in terms of becoming more effective). The women were given only light weapons; these consisted mostly in light sabers and daggers.

226,6. When the army was fighting-ready assembled, the senior priests came entirely dressed in armor and issued the following command: "Half of this army will march under our personal leadership towards the insurgent provinces to inflict the harshest punishment! No life shall be spared; everything must fall through fire and sword!"

226,7. Upon this command the immense army parted, and two million five hundred thousand warriors marched against the insurgent provinces. An equal number was ordered to march against the highlanders. But how? That was an entirely different question!

226,8. The commanding senior priests decided finally that the mountains had to be pierced. To this effect a number of one hundred fifty thousand men were ordered to take mining tools and drive shafts through the mountains. Engineers had to immediately apply their measuring art and the work was set in motion with terrible vigor.

226,9. At five hundred locations the mountains were torn, and two to three thousand fathoms deep shafts were cut (not vertically, but horizontally), but they never emerged anywhere.

226,10. The engineers measured again and found that they had their shafts set much too low. They therefore dug new shafts on higher level entry points which then reached the valley of the highlands.

226,11. But the highlanders observed through their spies, where the Hanochites started their shafts, allowing them to calculate exactly where they would break through. Such sites were piled high up with wood and set on fire once the Hanochites broke through.

226,12. Smoke and fire steam then filled the shafts and suffocated thousands and thousands of Hanochites; even some senior priests acting as generals lost their lives during this expedition.

226,13. Three times an attack was launched on the main gate, but decisively defended and the remaining part of the army had to leave empty-handed and with shame for home after a two year fruitless struggle.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-226 Chapter