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Chapter 227

227,1. The few senior priests who returned from the highland expedition reported of course to the few senior priests who remained at home, how their expedition has failed miserably to the highest degree; and when hearing such saddest news from the general priests, they almost tore their heads from their bodies because of the disappointing news. And they also began to revile over the imprudent attack.

227,2. The general priests, however, said, "Reviling is easier than fighting! A third of the entire army is still available; get up and fight yourself! And if you then like us will return unsuccessful, then you will be surprised how we can revile about your failed mission!

227,3. Sitting here in the dry it is easy to talk, to curse and to make very pernicious plans; but just go out there and you will very quickly find out from which side the wind is blowing!

227,4. We have driven about five hundred shafts through the otherwise impassable mountains and victory should have been ours; but can we help it if the highland rogues were watching us from their damnable hiding places above what we are doing, then calculate with devilish accuracy where we are going to break through, and then set large fires at those points, so that when breaking through we were overcome by fire, smoke and vapor killing us by the thousands and thousands in the long, dark shafts?!

227,5. And when thereupon launching a triple most fierce attack on the main gate, we were always greeted with countless stones raining down on us from the high walls causing thousands and thousands to lose their lives!

227,6. Through this lesson we learned to recognize that the cursed highlanders are impossible to defeat, neither by ruse nor by whatever means of violence.

227,7. If we had only listened to the councilor whom we had flogged and stoned in front of the city gates, we would be much better off now! The only thing we need now is for the other part of our army to experience a similar fate and we are done for!"

227,8. Upon this reply the senior priests who stood behind sulked even more and even began to threaten the field generals.

227,9. But the field generals said: "What are you talking about? We have the power in our hands! If you do not immediately fall silent like a wall in front of us, you will feel in your fat paunches our weapon handling skills.

227,10. Here the two upper priestly parties attacked each other and tousled and disheveled each other like dogs and cats. And from that moment on, the upper priests divided themselves into two hostile parties, and the people of Hanoch did not know now who was the cook and who was the waiter.

227,11. They waited for another three years in this division on the effects (successes) of the other army - but in vain; because they had walked over to the provinces and killed their own generals and everyone who were loyal to them.

227,12. What emerged from that the following will show.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-227 Chapter