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Chapter 228

228,1. There was still one messenger of Noah present at the ten in the highlands, and served them well as a good counselor.

228,2. In certain matters even Gurat, the former junior priest, was ask for advice by the ten.

228,3. And the ten summoned a council and discussed what they should now undertake about Hanoch.

228,4. But the messenger of Noah advised them and said: "Let Hanoch be as it is; because from now on it will never worry you, for through your resistance they fully have realized the total impossibility to ever conquer you! The Lord God Zebaoth will anyway know how to chastise this city, even without your intervention, in a way that they will wear out like a rotten tree in the forest!

228,5. Stay as you are now and the Lord will bless you in future and will enhance your wonderful country and will make it fertile so that it will produce food in abundance for a hundred million people! And even if He will judge and kill all evildoers of the whole earth, He will still spare you, if you shall remain in His order according to this my advice.

228,6. But if you go out and make war with the people of Hanoch and with the people of many other cities and countries, you will badly perish when God will judge by His old anger all the evil world!

228,7. This was my last advice to you; since my time has come to an end and I must go from where I came from. Always remember this my advice and you shall find grace before God; but if you act otherwise, you will then recognize it in the judgement that I was a true messenger to you by the eternal Lord!

228,8. But your free will should not be restricted thereby in the slightest manner; for no one has the right to restrict the free will in his brothers in whatever way; because this right the Lord has left to every man for himself alone. And so every person can limit his own will as he pleases; the more he will accomplish this, the better it will be for him! For this reason I only gave you the advice but you can do what you like!"

228,9. After this speech the messenger was caught by the power of God and was quickly carried to Noah on the old heights.

228,10. The sudden disappearance of this highly respected messenger by the ten and all inhabitants of the highlands, left a mighty impression on the ten and they recognized in him a truly divine messengers.

228,11. All his words which he spoke unto them during the course of many years were soon written on polished purest gold plates and was elevated to law status for all the highlands.

228,12. For five years all went well; but after that the Lord wanted to strengthen their trust in Him through a small trial and this was enough to make a large number of their former virtues to disappear.

228,13. But the trial merely consisted of nothing else than that the highlanders caught a thousand spies, sent by Hanoch to the highlands, near the main entrance.

228,14. These spies were supposed to start negotiations with the ten to establish ties between Hanoch and the highlands. This was their open intentions; but secretly they were supposed to explore the strength relations of the highlands, and to find out whether the highlanders were the guilty party regarding the desertion of the distant provinces and the army send to them.

228,15. But because the ten were sly fine heads, they soon discovered the secret reason of these spies, and they did this the easiest way in the world.

228,16. For they said to the thousand: "You have been betrayed to us for a long time already; therefore do not hide anything from us what you secretly want to undertake against us! Anyone caught lying will immediately be thrown over the edge of this high rock and will find his grave in the abutting groundless lake below!"

228,17. (For the high rock on which the castle of the ten was built, at the bottom level with the highlands, flanked a very deep lake with a circumference of three hours walking.)

228,18. Ten of the main spies reported loyally and truthfully that they had no secret agenda. They were asked three times, and since they stuck to their first statement, they were taken to the edge of the rock, which was located above the lake, and asked again and sharply threatened.

228,19. But they still reaffirmed their first statement in the safe opinion that this threat is merely a political stratagem on the part of ten; but their assumption was wrong and the first was thrown off the cliff.

228,20. Now the other nine were scared to death and they began to confess the truth.

228,21. When they were finished, they were guided back to the interrogation room and were forced to betray every minutes detail of Hanoch.

228,22. Some held back on some issues; but one of them was once again guided to the rock and thrown over the edge. This immediately opened the mouth of the rest.

228,23. Only when in this manner Hanoch was completely betrayed all others except for ten were toppled over the edge of the rock; but the remaining ten were sent back to Hanoch to tell the senior priests that this is the manner how spies from Hanoch are rewarded in the highlands.

228,24. What happened further the following will show.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-228 Chapter