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Chapter 229

229,1. When the ten arrived back in Hanoch and informed the senior priests what had happened in the highlands to all the thousand-strong mission, and what the ten rulers of the highlands had said to them, the senior priests of one party became angry.

229,2. But the senior priests of the counterparty, who themselves had the honors to taste the strategic wisdom of the highlanders several years ago, cheered at the failure of this attempt; and because they knew that Hanoch was fully betrayed and that the ten in the highlands were well informed about the invidious divide between the senior priests, they recalled the council of the messenger from Noah and decided among themselves to comply with this advice.

229,3. They held a meeting among themselves and said: "What will it be? The main power until now is still in our hands! We know the secret reason what the thousand wanted to achieve on the heights, who are our enemies. They wanted to explore the power of the highlanders and other conditions more; openly, however, they wanted to form an alliance with the highlanders against us.

229,4. They thought that firstly they could outwit us by this move and secondly to weaken the highlanders at the same time and thus kill two birds with one blow. But the ten in the highlands were smarter than those moldy upper priestly zealots and made their effort end in shambles!

229,5. Now, the matter is up to us! But we will follow the advice of the highlanders, as far as it still can be followed! Even if we cannot make the messenger from the heights who was stoned to death, king over all of Hanoch anymore, we nevertheless want to assign this supreme ruler dignity to any of the ten - or, for that matter, to someone who they want to appoint! We will continue to remain his generals just like now; the zealots, however, will in all the fury scratch their faces themselves!

229,6. We now have to select a deputation! How would it be, if someone from us with a fair number of deputies get up there and hand over to the ten in the highlands, the large golden keys and the thousand crowns of Hanoch, which we have fortunately in our hands?" (The thousand crowns came forth from the erstwhile thousand ruling councilors.)

229,7. This proposal was generally well accepted and a very eloquent senior priest took over this mission. One hundred deputies of the senior priests from the war participating party who previously stayed at home, followed the one senior priest to the highlands, and had the nation’s treasure symbols carried on hundred camels.

229,8. Once in the highlands, the whole caravan was led under heavy guards to the ten.

229,9. When the ten caught sight of this one senior priest, the old wrath began to stir and one of them said: "Do we finally have a gilded one in our power so that we can cool our old revenge on him?!"

229,10. But the high priest said: "This is not the way it should be! Because also to us as to you, a conciliating messenger from the old heights was sent; he gave us some advice and we are here now to follow his advice!

229,11. The messenger was unfortunately mainly by our domineering zealot senior priest party killed, at the time when you demanded that he should become the sole ruler over all of Hanoch.

229,12. But at that time we separated from the zealot upper priestly party, rallied all fighting forces, divided the great army to fight with one half the apostate provinces and to satisfy the zealot priests used the other half to launch a feigned attack against you, which of course ended in a disaster for us.

229,13. But we nevertheless have thereby achieved a good goal by getting the power in our hands and are now for some years the rulers of Hanoch; but the actual senior priests are now our greatest enemies and are secretly recruiting forces to attack us.

229,14. But since we are now completely in charge of Hanoch and have the keys and the crowns in our power, we have taken them according to the counsel of the messenger from the heights and have them delivered to you! It is now up to you to appoint a king over Hanoch, who will be the sole ruler; but we want to be his most faithful servants!

229,15. Here are a hundred deputies at my side to reaffirm the full truth of my statement, and on the backs of camels you will find the thousand to you familiar crowns and the golden key of Hanoch; but we all are standing in with our lives for the truth of it all!"

229,16. Here the ten started to sing a different tune and at once called for a large council meeting. - What next the following will show!

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