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Chapter 23

23,1. After such remark from the Lord, Satana rose again and said, trembling before the Lord: "Lord, I know quite well that You ever need no council neither from me nor from anybody else; for You alone are the highest and most perfect, eternal and infinite wisdom!

23,2. Since You have granted all Your free creatures a free will, therefrom free activity and in addition also the right to ask and a request is basically nothing more than a humble advice from the side of the although free, but by You nevertheless most wisely left weak creature, through which it, O Lord, recites to You its own distress as if You knew nothing about it, until it was brought to Your attention by the creatures and it thus advises You (of course most humbly) what You should do, and as such I want to give You my advice and rephrase it by asking You, that I now want, since it has pleased You, to launch an entirely new order regarding the leadership of Your works and creatures!

23,3. But this is what I want now: Behold, O Lord - as I am now, I am truly miserable and very hapless! For as long as I remain in this my shape as a female being, I can never fully turn to You, since the most unbearable jealousy fury holds me captive brooding renewed revenge against You.

23,4. Therefore I think - since all things are possible for You - You could change my nature and give me a male character and therefore transform me into a man before You and Your children!

23,5. Then this continually tormenting evil passion would certainly leave me! I then could humble myself before You and be like all your chosen children.

23,6. As a permanent female being I only see too clearly ahead, of how little use all my good intentions for all eternity of eternities will be!

23,7. Nevertheless do what You want, but if it would be possible, then I beg You, O Lord, for it!"

23,8. But the Lord said to her: “Listen, you ever fickle and mutable being, tell Me, in how many beings have you already been transformed for this purpose and each time you gave Me the assurance and said: ‘O Lord, let me take on only this shape, and it will get better with me!?'

23,9. At all times I always have done whatever you wanted; yes, there are not enough atoms on Earth to count the times in how many shapes and forms and characters you have let yourself be transformed by Me for the purpose of always pretended betterment!

23,10. Whenever I have, because of you, founded a new sun- and planetary region, you wanted to be female in the suns - and male on the planets!

23,11. I also gave you the power to transform yourself according to your liking. But tell Me and confess it now, how much did you have improved! - I tell you, not by one hair! You still remain the old liar, and so far it has been fruitless, whatever I have undertaken with you according to your will.

23,12. But if this is undeniably so, why should it get better with you with this new transformation?!

23,13. This time, therefore, I will not do it out of Me what you want, but I leave you completely free, and you can do out of yourself whatever you want!

23,14. If you want to be a man, a woman, an animal or an element, I couldn’t care less; but I am also going to do on My part - and I will not ask your counsel - according to My own advice!

23,15. If you want to remain a woman, I will place a prince of the night from you to your side; he will give you the power to probe the human race.

23,16. If you want to be a man, I will place a pure sun woman opposite you, a second Eve; she will tread on your old stubbornness. Even if you're going to sting her in the heel, that means her flesh, it will not in the least hurt her harmfully!

23,17. Now you know how things are; do therefore what you want!

23,18. Here Satana suddenly transformed into a strong looking man with a serene looking face.

23,19. And the Lord immediately showed the man the sun woman and said: "Well then, - there you are, and there she is! Therefore go from here according to your own strength, and I will do according to Mine! Amen. "

23,20. Here, Satan became invisible and also the sun woman.

23,21. And the Lord went with his children back to the height.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-23 Chapter