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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-231 Chapter

Chapter 231

231,1. All of these provisions were engraved on golden, one line {1 line = 2,195 mm} thick pages and then read also to the deputies of Hanoch.

231,2. When they expressed their satisfaction they were asked to sign everything with their names, but only with their short names and not with their several ell long (which were still vainly used by the aristocrats in Hanoch) names.

231,3. These signed documents were now held by the ten in safekeeping and were called ‘The holy Deed'.

231,4. Only after this process the sanctions were addressed and the penalties for violating this holy deed were determined; - the penalties were however as such determined, since the highlands had to be always regarded as completely infallible, and the reason for this was that they had not killed the messenger from Noah.

231,5. Thus only Hanoch alone could therefore be transgressing and become worthy of the punishment, because the Hanochites had beaten and killed the messenger of Noah.

231,6. Gurat said very secretly to one of the ten "Friend! As long as you shall live, the highlands will certainly remain infallible! But what if completely different heads will take over the government of the highlands, who in time will tread your laws with the feet? Should also then the highlands are considered infallible?"

231,7. And the asked prince of the ten said: "See, we all know that even a father can err against his children! But he then errs only in his own sphere, but not in the sphere of his children, and the children never have the right to question their father and say to him: 'Father, why are you doing this, or why have you done this to us?' Even less so do the children have a right to punish the erring father!

231,8. And, behold, the same relationship as between father and child, also prevails here now between us and you! We are your fathers and you are our children for all times of times! And this prevailing relationship is fair, because it is equal to the divine, where also God eternally is an all ruling Father to all of His children; and we all have to live with this, because God has established this order from eternity.

231,9. Moreover, with the ten rulers who are completely one-minded, fallibility is anyway unthinkable, because in case of death the new crown heir must firstly fully follow the footsteps of his predecessor, and secondly he never can introduce a new order because he always have nine old or at least older regents at his side, who will certainly not lend the newcomer an ear, if he was thinking of reforms!

231,10. With sole rulers reforms are conceivable, but with ten rulers (democracy) never! For the sole ruler can govern according to his whim and is therefore also fallible, if he is not filled with the highest divine wisdom; but in a democracy that is not likely to happen because there is always one prince who controls the other with his wisdom and his necessarily high sense of justice.

231,11. Therefore also the number ten is the divine number of order because all of His laws are basically ten, as the old wisdom teaches us! And therefore also our number of princes is already a guarantor for our complete infallibility. We can err as individuals but never with a general resolution!"

231,12. With this explanation Gurat had to be satisfied, took over the jewels and went, as the confirmed king of Hanoch by the ten, with the one senior priest and the hundred deputies to Hanoch. - What further as follows!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-231 Chapter