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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-232 Chapter

Chapter 232

232,1. When the deputation with the new king arrived in Hanoch, he was most ceremoniously received by the war heroes party and was immediately introduced as king and sole ruler to the high society of Hanoch. He at once accepted the homage and occupied the old throne of Lamech in the old castle, while the puppet king still resided in the new golden castle.

232,2. He drew the heroe senior priests with all the military power to him, and then immediately gave new laws that were very functional - of course for the worldly citizenship.

232,3. All thievery and the right to rob was stopped and those who had any slaves and did not immediately freed them, was for the first infringement punished with a substantial gold penalty and for a second transgression given life imprisonment.

232,4. But what did the other senior priest party said to all this for them quite unexpected events? - Among themselves they started to shout about this atrocity, in all haste gathered their reserves consisting of thirty thousand men and wanted to attack the wrongdoers.

232,5. But a sober under-priest, who was on the verge to be appointed senior priest, stepped in front of the enraged crowd of senior priests and said:

232,6. "Hear me, you mighty servants of the gods! Before you do one step of revenge, calculate the relationship between thirty thousand and one million! If they only look at us sharply, we are already beaten!

232,7. Don’t think about revenge here, where it is no longer possible, but either think about escape - or at an amicable peace pact!

232,8. For who has the power in his hands, is the lord; and those over which he rises, have no other choice than to either obediently surrender, or - if there is still time - to flee! But I think in this case it will be wiser to choose the first above the last; for as far as I know, all the gates are heavily guarded and it will be difficult to get out over the big city walls.

232,9. But in comparison it is very easy to make peace with the new king. I myself want to attend to this business! Gurat was my biggest bosom friend; he will still know me, and I’m convinced that he will listen to me, will reappoint you in your positions and will let you have some more benefits.

232,10. But if you rebel against him, while he is already being homaged and sitting with full approval on the throne as the sole ruler, we all will lose our lives; and I ask, what was then the use of our revenge attempt.

232,11. What good is it to flare up in wrath over a gushing torrent, if it has flooded its banks and devastated the land and its fruits?! Who will be so foolish and angrily plunges himself into its powerful waves and floods in the opinion to be able to stop and chastise the current with his muscle strength?!

232,12. And see, it is the same here! How can we resist the great power of Gurat? - If we are going to do this, we will cause him to guide all his mighty current of power over us, and we will all perish!

232,13. This is my advice and my justified opinion; but you can do now what you want!"

232,14. These words spilled like a cold shower over the fiery senior priest and cooled them down considerably; and instead of starting a revenge fight, they called together a council meeting and discussed how they could pay Gurat a tribute in the best way possible.

232,15. And the one under priestly counselor said: "Do not worry about it and let me handle this! Tomorrow I'll go to Gurat and will negotiate with him, and you can rest assured that he will confirm you with very small changes in your dignity!"

232,16. With that the the senior priests were satisfied, and the counselor went to see the king.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-232 Chapter