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Chapter 233

233,1. When the envoy under-priests appeared with some difficulty before king Gurat, he was very friendly received and asked what it actually was that has led him to see the king.

233,2. And the under priest said: "You know that in Hanoch, since the unfavorable failed attempts to defeat the highlanders, the upper priesthood has divided into two hostile groups, of which one party appointed you king, while the other party ignited in all anger against you!

233,3. See, this party wanted to mobilise a force of thirty thousand well trained warriors and with the greatest bitterness march against you and to destroy you if possible!

233,4. When I had heard such a decision by the enraged senior priests, I thought by myself: 'My former friend, now the lord and king of all Hanoch, has indeed a power of fifty times greater; but this force is spread a couple of days travel over the whole city and would therefore hardly be able hold their positions on separate points against a compact force of thirty thousand well-trained warriors!'

233,5. When I thus calculated your risk, I thought by myself: ‘No matter what the cost! I want to act as a counselor and friendly warn the senior priest against such a dangerous undertaking!'

233,6. I did that, presented to the senior priests with the most lurid colors of the world the great and certain risk, as well as the inevitable failure of their plan, - and behold, they began to calm down, became cooler and cooler in their revenge zeal and were in a short time brought to the point to negotiate with you through me, which I also told them would be most appropriate under the given circumstances.

233,7. And now, I am here for three reasons, namely, first, to inform you what was decided against you, secondly as a negotiator between you and the high priests and thirdly as still your old friend and counselor!

233,8. As such, I advise you, therefore, that you keep the senior priest as servants of the gods for the people with a few suitable changes, because they still have a strong following among the weak minded people; but we know it anyway, what these follies mean and know that nature is the true God!

233,9. I think you will understand me what I want to say by this; for you know it as well as I do, that only the blind, common people must be turned to a god or even better to multiple absolute supernatural god-beings and must fear them and obey the king willingly, to avoid the supposed punishment of the gods.

233,10. And therefore the senior priests are placed as if on cue and are also ideally suited to uphold the illusions for the people; therefore they should not be set aside so easily!

233,11. We insiders of course do not need them for we know the forces of nature and its laws according to which they perform perpetually! - That is my advice; follow it, and you will be successful!"

233,12. These negotiations were also heard by the royal senior priests, who were in full agreement with the advice.

233,13. And the king said: "Brother, you my dearest, old friend, you have made me a big debtor! So it will be done according to your advice! But since you are such a perceptive man, I assign you to implement the appropriate changes of the senior priest caste, to inform me about it, and I will then at once add my 'Let it be done!' to it!"

233,14. And the counselor said: "Thus let me now go back and meet with the senior priests! That they will dance to my tune, I warrant with body and soul; but it must have the appearance as if they had made the amendments themselves, if they should become loyal to such a new constitution!”

233,15. With that Gurat was satisfied, and the counselor went back home.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-233 Chapter