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Chapter 234

234,1. When the consulting under-priest arrived back at the high priests, he was immediately assailed by a thousand questions; and fortunately he could talk as quick as a rattling windmill, he answered with walloping words the hundred questioners.

234,2. But no one understood only one syllable of what he was saying. Therefore he was exhorted to speak clearly.

234,3. But he replied and said: "Give me some time! Let me catch my breath, and do not inquire all at once, and I will be able to convey the favorable message from king Gurat's side! But if you stormingly ask me all at once, then I am forced to answer as quick as possible so that in this way each questioner is satisfied as quickly as possible; whether he understands the answer or not, is then not important!"

234,4. And the chief priests then calmed the under-priest and asked him very composedly that he should clearly convey the message from the king to them.

234,5. Only then did the counselor addressed the main issue and said: "Thus listen to me you servants of the gods!

234,6. The peace offer was in a most friendly manner accepted by the king and upon my recommendation he has confirmed your dignity as high priests! You just naturally have to let go of your governing functions; for he is the sole ruler and king over all Hanoch over the whole, great empire. This is therefore one condition which was determined by him.

234,7. Then, the high priests of the puppet king must also become senior priests, or they, including the puppet king, will lose all their dignities; because the king only confirmed the positions of the senior priests and the under priests.

234,8. Furthermore, it is the king's will and law, that all caste classifications must end; and he alone appoints all the positions, the secular and the spiritual.

234,9. The gold and treasures of our palaces he takes full possession of for his state affairs; in exchange he assures to each official of his empire a befitting remuneration, to the spiritual as well as the secular. But we of course have to bite the bullet now, because things can no longer be changed!

234,10. He also knows, just as we are, that our idolatry is nothing but an illusion for the people! He therefore reserves the matter of idolatry, or more correctly speaking, the matter of illusions for the people, for himself to conduct as head through secret orders to you; but you then must become his well-advised executors of his will!

234,11. Finally, he will appoint a general senior priest, under whose leadership we all will reside! - Now this is his firm will. Are you satisfied with that?"

234,12. At first all were completely silent on this declaration; but after a while all the senior priests shouted a common curse and out of sheer fury did not know what to do.

234,13. But the under-priest said: "Yes, what is the use of all that? Can we change it?! Initiate an uprising against the powerful if you desire to be first impaled and then be roasted alive! For this is how he threatened me, to deal with all rebels!"

234,14. When the senior priest heard this they surrendered and had to write down point by point the conditions as if they had voluntarily chosen and determined them.

234,15. When this document was finished, the under-priests took it and went to the king.

234,16. What next, as follows!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-234 Chapter