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Chapter 235

235,1. When the consulting under-priest arrived at Gurat, he immediately asked him what progress he made with the senior priests.

235,2. And the under-priest said with a very happy face: "My king, my lord and my friend! I say: the best of the world! You are now completely their lord! All their treasures are yours; they consist, as you also know it, of the thousand palaces, where in each is stocked at least one hundred thousand pounds of gold, twice that silver, gemstones and still many other priceless treasures and valuables, weapons and provisions. - I'm asking you whether you're happy with that?”

235,3. And Gurat said: "If the matter stands like that, and if you have brought it about by your eloquence, you are already now my chief councilor! But keep on talking and tell me blatantly, what you have achieved with all the senior priests!"

235,4. And the under-priest said: "My king, my lord and my friend! It would be a pity to strain my tongue in vain here!

235,5. Behold, here I have all the negotiations on gold sheets in writing and signed by all the senior priests; this is certainly more than my own tongue! Take this very important document, and read it, and you will find in it everything that I have discussed in your name with the senior priests! - I mean you will find sufficient cause therein to be pleased with me!”

235,6. Here, the under-priests handed Gurat the document and he read it aloud in front of all the hero senior chief priests.

235,7. They clapped their hands for joy and laughed and cheered about it, for having achieved such an opulent victory over their enemies, and this by the sole wisdom of this sly under priest.

235,8. But Gurat asked the negotiator, saying: "But friend, you told me before that it was necessary for the senior priests to make their own conditions, of course, with the reservation of the royal interdict right, if the conditions are not suitable for the king's plans; but from this document I can see very clearly that in fact only you have dictated, and the senior priests were compelled to accept the conditions as set out by you! We now have of course the title in our hands; but what about the actual satisfaction of the senior priests?"

235,9. And the under-priest said: "Yes, - if you want to look at the actual satisfaction of the senior priests, then you may just as well resign your kingdom and have all your friends here murdered, only then you will be able to satisfy the senior priests, but not through anything else!

235,10. Friend, the winner may never ask the vanquished: 'Are you satisfied with my victory over you?’; since the vanquished will never be satisfied with the victory over him! Therefore, the winner must immediately dictate and say: 'This is the way it will be and that is how I want it to be!' But for the vanquished only ‘please’ should remain!"

235,11. Great applause from all sides followed this speech and Gurat immediately promoted this under-priest to General Chief Priest and his first main-, court- and secret advisor.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-235 Chapter