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Chapter 236

236,1. The king had immediately a general-senior-priestly dress made for the under-priest and provided him with a royal power appointment, written on a golden plate by himself and then signed by all the heroes who previously were senior priests.

236,2. With this document and dressed in the general senior priest clothes, the under priest went back to the senior priests.

236,3. When they saw him so terribly honored, they enraged and shouted: "So it is?! Also you were a rogue among us?! Verily, whatever happens to us, - for this outrage you shall be punished by us senior priests with death! - You, still to us faithful under-priests, arrest this beast and throw him together with the general clothes into the abyss where the living fire blazes!”

236,4. Upon this invocation the General shouted with an imperious voice: "Stop! Back, you devils! This invocation and this judgement was still missing to your utter destruction!

236,5. Behold, here is the title of the king and the signatures of all your enemies and destroyers! According to this document, I am what I am: a fully empowered General over all of you!

236,6. Here, under my dress is the king's sword as a sign that the king has also put your miserable life in hell in my hands, as the document shows! - Do you, devils, understand me?!

236,7. But outside there are standing four thousand armored warriors! A sign from me, - and you all lie within a few moments dismembered in this hall, where you have had so many abominations executed and to many more have made the most hellish plans!

236,8. As under-priest I had to unfortunately look at your diabolical mischievousness for long enough; but this time has passed, and now you devils have finished playing your satanic scrolls and sheets! From now on it will be different!"

236,9. Here, the General suddenly drew his sword and gave a sign, and in this moments from all sides, armored warriors with shiny, mighty swords and spears invaded the hall.

236,10. And the General asked with a mocking tone the shocked senior priest: "Well, where are your faithful under-devils now, so that they can take me prisoner and dragged me into the living fire?!

236,11. I ask you now: Don’t you want to take revenge on the rogue among you? Has your desire to do so evaporated? - You hesitate? Am I not here?!"

236,12. But the senior priests foamed with rage and dread simultaneously; for they regarded themselves as lost.

236,13. But then the General said: "Surely, if you were not that bad, I would have let you hacked to death; but you are too evil for the noble sword! - But I will reverse you and make you under-priests and your faithful under-priests to senior priests! And so it will be done!"

236,14. Here the senior priests began to howl; and the under-priests cheered and crowned the General. The senior priests had to exchange their clothes with the under-priests and immediately move into the homes of the under-priests and vice versa.

236,15. And thus this scene ended.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-236 Chapter