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Chapter 237

237,1. After this operation, the General and some of the warriors went at once to the castle of the puppet king, where also the 'omniscient' high priests lived, but at this stage not knew, along with their god-king, what was going to happen to them.

237,2. When the General arrived there, he immediately asked to be admitted to the king.

237,3. But the high priests opposed this request of the General; because they, including the king, did not knew anything of the changes which had taken place during the passed few days in the city of Hanoch.

237,4. But the General shouted at them and said: "If you do not let me visit the king at this very instance, you will be hacked to small pieces by these warriors!”

237,5. When the high priests who guarded the king heard such threats from the General, they became enraged and pulled out their hidden daggers from underneath their clothes and shouted: "Revenge to the wicked at the divinity of the king!" On this call they wanted to attack the General in all anger.

237,6. Here the General retreated and instructed the armored sword fighters to hack the high priests to pieces.

237,7. And the sword men at once cut down into the small crowd of high priests and rived three from head to foot and wounded seven very heavily.

237,8. When the thirty remaining high priests saw what the General was doing, they fell down on their knees and begged for mercy.

237,9. And the General called back the warriors and said to the suppliant: "Firstly, give up your weapons at once, and then open the gate for me that I can get to the king! What will happen to you further, you will get to know in the king's chamber!

237,10. Upon this very sharp instructions the pleading high priests at once threw their daggers away and opened the hall where the king in golden robes was just busy climbing the steps to sit on the throne, in order to receive the visitors and to ask them about their concerns.

237,11. When the General got to the steps of the throne, the astonished king asked him about such perkiness: "Man, you mortal animal, what is it you want from me so cheekily, your big and strong god, your everlasting lord, whose throne is golden since eternity? Do you want mercy or punishment from me?"

237,12. And the General spoke with an ironic voice: "O god, lord and king! Behold, I want nothing more and nothing less, than that you shall now renounce your eternity and divinity and should become a bourgeois human animal such as we are! But concerning this castle and this eternal golden throne, it already belongs to someone else! Thus just come down a little! Here you will then exchange your golden dress with quite ordinary bourgeois clothes and then you can leave with all your subjoinders to get some fresh air!"

237,13. And the god crunched in anger: "Leave, leave, otherwise I make it rain fire from the sky!"

237,14. And the General said with a smile: "O, o, - please don’t do this! For you could also make the sea burning and then also the earth; and that would be forever a pity! Behold, behold, you little god, the terrible things you could bring about! Therefore just come down willingly, otherwise I will have you carried down by these bad spirits!"

237,15. Here, the king stamped his foot, and some hidden nature magicians behind the throne made some smoke and threw burning coals into the air.

237,16. But the General just laughed and ordered to carry the bad little god from the throne. This took place at once and the lousy pyrotechnician fled with their fire pans quite nimbly.

237,17. This dethronement soon became the general laughter of the city.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-237 Chapter