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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-238 Chapter

Chapter 238

238,1. When the king was taken care of in this manner and dressed in bourgeois clothes, the General turned to the thirty high priests and said:

238,2. "Behold, your god is already taken care of and your king has been crowned with a civic crown, which suits him much better than this sham and deceit crown, under which he believed to be a lot but in fact was less than nothing!

238,3. Now we need to take care of you, you old unscrupulous people scammers! What shall it be? - I’m going to ask you a question; its reply shall demonstrate what you can expect! And thus listen to me!

238,4. This is the question: Were you knowingly or unknowingly deceiver of the people, as well as this of you created king? Do you believe that this weakling is in all parts a god for mankind, - what you make believe the people and this king? Do you in yourselves believe seriously in one or more gods? Or have you never believed such and have just taken it as an old myth from the books of Kinkar - against your own faith! - have reworked and disfigured it and used it to shamefully deceit the people?

238,5. Answer me this question very conscientiously! Every hesitation and any willful reluctance will be punished with this sword! And thus begin for the first time in your lives, to openly confess the truth with your mouths! Let it be done!"

238,6. This question made the thirty appear in all colors; and since any hesitation was punishable by death, one of them immediately began to speak and said:

238,7. "Mighty lord General! You as a former under-priest knows it as well as we, who our masters were! Were we not compelled by force to entertain all these illusions?! To what use is our conscience here?!

238,8. The pressure on the stomach is more sensitive than that of the heart! With the most miserable conscience one can still live; but not with an empty stomach! That is why we also appeased the heart, so that we thereby get something for the stomach! And you as an under-priest had to do the same, since the daily filling of the stomach - just as ours - is impossible to ignore!

238,9. You knew it for a long time already just like us, how much truth there is in our mythology! You knew that this doctrine was the most utter and shameful deceit of the people! Why didn’t you as a true philanthropist went to the senior priests and questioned them about their blatant injustice?

238,10. See, even you had to remove your conscience, so that firstly your skin remained unharmed and secondly your stomach did not feel the pressure of emptiness! I and we all spoke very often among ourselves: 'It is shameful how the people are being deceived by us!' But to what use? Could we change it?!

238,11. But if you have now succeeded, to break the power of the senior priest, and raised yourself to become the lord, then remember that we are also human beings, and that what we did, we were forced to do!"

238,12. And the General was satisfied with this answer and said: "Well, you have spoken the truth; thus I will spare you! I have made the senior priests to under-priests and the under-priests to senior priests by the powers vested in me by the new king Gurat, and as General Chief Priest I also demote you now to under-priests of the first rank! So be it!"

238,13. With that the death expecting high priest were satisfied and were immediately transported with bag and baggage to the under priestly dwellings.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-238 Chapter