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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-239 Chapter

Chapter 239

239,1. When the high priests were taken care of in this way, the General turned to the puppet king again and said to him:

239,2. "Now, in these simple clothes you're a citizen, and thus for the first time in your life something real; for as king you were nothing but a most shameful deceited human being, an idle sham tool in the hands of the priests, and never ever had even the right to be allowed to go out into the fresh air!

239,3. But since you are now have become a real person, a free citizen of Hanoch, it depends on you, where you want to have your own house, whether within the walls of this city, or in one of the day long journey alleys to the ten suburbs! Or do you want to own a house with garden and fields in the suburbs itself? Explain yourself in this regard in front of us!"

239,4. And the puppet king said still very angry: "What right do you perpetrators to my holiness have to ask me such question?! Doesn’t heaven and earth belong to me - and I should choose for me only a shabby looking citizen house?! I, for whom even this gold palace is a most disreputable dwelling?!

239,5. I, creator of heaven and earth, who lived from eternity in temples built of suns, should live here on my earth in a common citizen hut?! No, no! That a god will never do! He will leave you entirely and will retreat back to his eternal sun castle and from there launch a large judgment against you, you infernal evildoers; only then you will recognize that the first deceit was better than the second!

239,6. I thus do not accept any citizen dwelling, as well as any other house, neither inside nor anywhere outside of the great wall, but I will leave you completely forever and leave you to the most ruthless judgement!

239,7. Do you think if you need an iron sword to implement your plans, a God also needs weapons to execute his plans? - Oh no! Just a hint - and the sky is no longer and the earth is no longer!”

239,8. Now the god king had finished his laboriously learned speech; for such and other similar speeches could be found in the books of Kinkar, and our god studied several of them, and at certain occasions used them, since a god must speak a little wiser than any other man.

239,9. Although this speech was one of the best which he knew by heart, it did not help him this time.

239,10. Firstly the General only laughed the divine orator in the face and said: "You should not be so wicked; because if you are so adamant and do not want to follow me, I would be forced to have you beaten on your bare buttocks which would be very painful! Therefore, follow me willingly; for behold, otherwise it will not be different, as it is now!"

239,11. And secondly the General ordered the warriors to grab the almighty god and carry him away if he does not want to go willingly.

239,12. But the god-king resisted terribly to leave the palace. But it did not help much.

239,13. Three warriors seized him and carried him out into the open to join the senior priests.

239,14. But when he carried on to rage and curse, the General in all earnesty had him flogged on his bare bare buttocks, and this patch had a soothing effect on the god-king, who then resigned himself to his fate.

239,15. For three days the General had the golden castle swept and cleaned, and then went to Gurat and handed him the keys of the castle, and told him everything what he had done for him. - That Gurat was extremely satisfied with that, need hardly be mentioned.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-239 Chapter