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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-24 Chapter

Chapter 24

24,1. On the way the Lord asked Kisehel: "Well, my beloved Kisehel, earlier you let a few scruples rise in your heart about this being towards Me, what are saying now to this producers of lies and all deception?

24,2. Don’t you want to believe him at least half way and still think that there might be some truth in his dragon mouth speech which he addressed to you three earlier?

24,3. Comment now a little before Me on this My very important question!"

24,4. But Kisehel, with a total contrite disposition, asked the Lord for forgiveness for his earlier folly of the heart. And only after the Lord fully assured him that He had certainly forgiven him long ago, he began to open his mouth and finally said after a short pause:

24,5. "O Lord, You only holy, good, most loving Father! Regarding the most utter and most tangible lie of this for me almost nameless being, I am now so clear about it as the sun shines fairly brightly still quite high above the evening horizon, and I also doubt even those words from the mouth of this creature, which it spoke in front of You claiming that it was completely true.

24,6. For I noticed it quite well, that, wherever there was a slight opportunity, it covered itself in self-pity, and wherever possible to shift the blame either obviously or at least secretly on You, so that I was a few times in an almost unstoppable course, to use this power rod which You have given to me, to put a tangible crosswise rebuttal on the mouth of this most beautiful liar.

24,7. From this it can be clearly seen what my truth rating is, regarding the words of this being!

24,8. About that I’m thus fully - as already said - in the clear; but there is something else in me that still throws itself back and forth like a trampled earth-worm! O Lord, You see it clearly in me; therefore I would like to ask You for a small light in this regard!"

24,9. And the Lord fully turned to Kisehel and said to him: "Thus listen!

24,10. Behold, Satana, Adam and Eve are therefore like one, and then Kahin and his descendants are also like one, because Satana, out of complete obedience to Me, should have let herself be captured, first in Adam, from him in Eva and out of Eva in the first procreated son, so that she could have become fully consummated and thereby all future procreations would have emerged consummated as in the heavens!

24,11. But this creature did not wanted it like that, for it regretted that it should show so much obedience to Me.

24,12. However, it did not wanted to be in Adam according to My measure; therefore it united itself with a reflection of itself, soon went over in fullest self-love, and the man Adam went about as a sad dwelling of this being and did not paid any attention to the things surrounding him.

24,13. Soon I had to make a spiritual separation, took from Adam what developed in him into a female person, and left in him only the male spirit and put the female spirit as Eva freely in a new, beautiful dwelling outside of Adam.

24,14. But Adam soon recognized in Eva his second self and therefore had a great liking to her.

24,15. However, since the second being quite soon realized in itself that it was now weaker than the first, it pondered on an insidious plan, to rise above the first creature.

24,16. But the plan did not succeeded immediately. Adam strongly reprimanded Eva about her desire; and this was enough.

24,17. The second being gathered itself in its male part, left behind in Eva the weak female part and wrest itself from Eva in the shape of a snake as a hideous morphodite, from which it was possible to act as male and female at the same time, as it was soon showing during the unblessed procreation of Kahin which is known to you.

24,18. Now behold, thereupon I had to remodel the whole of creation and bless the imperfect act of procreation instead of the perfect act of procreation, with the exception that it (the imperfect act of procreation) could not be accepted by Me, until the inherited evil from the fundamental nature of Satana was not completely consumed/replaced by the purest love for Me, since in Adam as well as in Eva a part of Satana necessarily remained, which continually must mutually embrace each other sexually because it, although separated, nevertheless originates from the peculiar dual nature of Satana.

24,19. And as such, Adam as well as Kahin, in clairvoyant moments where able to speak like Satana herself; nevertheless, neither Adam nor Eve, nor Kahin were the actual fundamental being itself, just like you are parts of Adam and Eve but you are not by fundamental disposition Adam and Eve.

24,20. Behold, therefore just like in Adam and Eve, this being will be continually divided and weakened in all creatures, until it finally will have been completely divided towards the end of time, and in the end nothing more will remain than the empty form without life, because all her love-life will transform into an entirely new creature in you, now already My children!

24,21. This is the situation; however, tell no one anything! I know why; therefore be silent about all of that! Amen. "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-24 Chapter