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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-240 Chapter

Chapter 240

240,1. Then Gurat determined one day to investigate all the priestly arrangements which the General had implemented. The seventh day was determined.

240,2. As this day was approaching, Gurat called all members of the court together and went, accompanied by the General, to the immense castle residence of the priests which had so many rooms that it could comfortably accommodate five times hundred thousand people.

240,3. When Gurat entered this great castle which was well known to him, he was as a former comrade of the now new senior priests, received with the greatest honors and congratulated beyond measure; but when he came to the under priests, no one moved, and everyone turned his face away from him.

240,4. Gurat noticed this and he put a serious question to the obstinate and defiant under priesthood, why they met him in this manner, since they knew that he was the sole ruler of all of Hanoch as well as the whole, great empire.

240,5. The under-priests said, "We do not recognize you as a ruler over us, but rather as a rebel against our rightful and by all the gods determined supremacy! We have to obey you because you have seized all the power, but we never ever can respect you - and even less so anoint and crown!

240,6. We will do what you are going to command us to do - but our faces will remain forever turned away from you, and our hearts will always be filled with contempt against you!

240,7. But as we will conduct ourselves against you, in the same manner also the old chief God and the new gods, who are nothing else but His outwardly affecting forces, will act against you!

240,8. We ruled the people in His own order, we took the gold away from them which would have been a major poison for their inner life and humiliated the arrogant with slave chains and tongue paralysis. But we committed one mistake, and that was that we kept the yellow poison for ourselves! It had us poisoned and blinded us, and we could never see through the plans of our enemies; that is why we now languish here as poor guardians of the eternal interests of the old God!

240,9. But this serves us right and we are glad that God has afflicted us so graciously, and that we can recognize that God has afflicted us; but you have completely distanced yourself, from us as well as from God and you will never find a re-tie with Him!

240,10. It is not a matter of losing our power, however, it matters that we have been killed halfway, when we would have brought the people back to the old order again!

240,11. But now it has happened! You now have killed all the spirits in the people; nothing lives in them anymore than the forces of nature that you think is the only God!

240,12. Therefore, the vessel has become full, of which once Kahin received a message and Farak prophesied, and the judgment of God is already sitting on our neck! That is why we give you here the curse instead of a blessing! - These are our last words to you!”

240,13. Gurat did not liked the reception; he became angry and had all the under priests flogged and had them moved out to the shore of the wide sea and then appointed completely different under-priests, who were loyal to him.

240,14. With this expedition, every trace of Me, the only true God, was eradicated and the totally inane and darkest paganism had its beginning.

240,15. At least these old priests still knew Me by themselves; but now no one knew Me anymore. Because the heroe senior priests were still novices and have not yet been initiated into the wisdom of the ancients and knew little or nothing about Me!

240,16. But what further, the following will show!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-240 Chapter