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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-241 Chapter

Chapter 241

241,1. After this expedition and after the appointment of the new under-priests, Gurat convened a priests meeting, where it should be decided how the new religious doctrine for the people should look like.

241,2. When the council meeting in the castle of the king began, the general chief priest rose immediately and said: "My king and my lord, let me speak in this important matter, on which alone your and our common welfare depends! For if we are setting this teaching up clumsily and do not give it the greatest pomp and splendor, it would be as if it doesn’t exist at all!

241,3. For this reason, the gods known to the people must be maintained and still many be added, but with the important difference that we build them at different, sinister-looking places great temples with a very mystical appearance and in the same display the divinity in the most colossal size possible; because everything colossal exerts on the beholding people a powerful impression and shakes their soul.

241,4. For each deity we must also appoint priests who need to be familiar with all aspects of spiritual politics and must be able to let their deity produce the appropriate miracle by means of natural magic. Such priests must be educated in mechanics and chemistry and the smarter he can produce miracles, the better he will be off!

241,5. Because it should be far from us to remunerate those priests from the treasury; but everyone will be told: ‘Behold, the temple is a gold mine! You will be placed there as a miner; if you want to eat, you must know how to mine!', and we can be assured in advance that within a few years our kingdom will be bursting from the most profound miracles of every conceivable kind, and the people will know what hit them out of sheer devotion and submission!

241,6. But above all, we must see to it that every priest of a temple must observe the greatest reticence with regard to this particular deity, that he by penalty of death must always be polite towards every person of the people, that it must be difficult to talk to him; and if he speaks with someone, he must speak as incomprehensible as possible, for what the common man understands, he does not consider to be divine!

241,7. But with every temple also a versatile speaker must be employed, who properly understands it, to praise the miracles of the temple and the deity to the people; the schools for training such priests and speakers, however, must only be located here in the city of Hanoch!

241,8. I mean, if this my suggestion is implemented, we have thus provided for, for all times of times and does not even need to impose direct taxes on the people; because the temples with the gods and priests will anyway elicit the treasures from the people in the most innocent way of the world, and the government will have the appearance as if it were a government for doves and lambs. But that the world wants to be deceived, is an old well-known fact; thus let it be deceived!

241,9. But now another issue! You, king, should recognize the supremacy of the highlanders? - I can’t agree with this that this should be good! I say, we are standing on the ground and should therefore stand more firm why on the ground than the highlanders!

241,10. Do you know, king, what we are going to do there? - See, we are going to take away the staircase, and the highlanders should then see how they can come down to us, which means we are going to scrape off all the possible accesses to the highlands for one hundred men heights, and the highlanders can then grow themselves wings if they want to come down to us!

241,11. For the time being I will not say anything further and leave the rest to you, o king!"

241,12. The king and everyone else was exceedingly happy with this advice and this resolution was then also put into practice soonest and. The next day all the architects, sculptors and miners were convoked.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-241 Chapter