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Chapter 242

242,1. The miners took twice a hundred thousand men, each equipped with the tools necessary for their tasks.

242,2. The engineers examined the possible access points to the highlands and identified about fifty, which in an extreme case could be made passable from above. If anyone wanted to go up from the bottom, he could reach the bottom of the ravine walls, but it was not possible to climb over its towering heights. However, the highlanders could climb down the walls by means of rope ladders and from there reach the plains.

242,3. On the heights there were indeed more than fifty walled passes; but the canyons and ravines joined each other further downwards and twenty canyons and ravines formed only one main trench. If this has been made impassable, also all the other ravines higher up became inaccessible.

242,4. The fifty access points were in the course of three month vertically excavated to the height of two hundred man heights and a width of between forty to one hundred fathoms. Thereby, it was now made virtually impossible for the residents of the highlands to ever reach the plains of Hanoch; and so this work was completed effectively within such a short time for which at the present time (the time of Lorber! 1844) several years would be required.

242,5. These aboriginal people in general had this peculiarity, that they pre-calculated any work in great detail, but then put so much energy into the work, that it was completed in the shortest possible time.

242,6. For they argued: "It costs one and the same whether we use a few workers for a long time on a project, or whether we use many workers for a short time on the same project; with the latter, however, we are gaining time and thus profit from the earlier usefulness of the completed project - which is then a major advantage!”

242,7. Secular speaking and speculated they were quite right; who would regard this rule spiritually, would also be much better off, than following the way of balmy tardiness.

242,8. In this way, two million workers were ordered for the construction of the temples, and in one year a thousand fully equipped temple with outbuildings were built everywhere.

242,9. But for how the deities were distributed and its wonder performing construction, a few sketches will be provided!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-242 Chapter