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Chapter 243

243,1. Here are some sketches of the wondrous representations of the tin gods in the temples:

243,2. In a deep mountain gorge, where a wild mountain stream raged and atomized over high cliffs in sudden falls, in a rather spacious rock basin, a large semi-circular temple was built.

243,3. The front wall was straight, and was joined at the rear by a semi-cylindrical building, to which the residential building of the relevant priesthood was connected.

243,4. On the front wall of this temple at the top were two large circular round window resembling the eyes of an ox.

243,5. A few fathoms deeper, but just in the middle between the two upper windows, two lenticular windows, but close next to each other were constructed; but their lenticular shape was perpendicular relative to the horizontal line between the top two windows corresponding with the eyes of an ox.

243,6. Finally, at the bottom a four fathoms wide and one and a half fathoms high gate was installed supported by three black columns, which from a distance resembled the snout of an ox.

243,7. And since the whole front wall was thus painted around the upper and lower windows and the gate, to have the appearance an ox head, and on top of the wall above the eye windows two spurs similar to two horns and on the two sides of the front wall parallel with eye windows two large tin ears were attached from which constantly exited through tubes a thick smoke, so that this front had the horribly grand appearance of an ox head.

243,8. The interior of the temple was painted dark red, and in the background of the temple, in a mighty big niche, a colossal ox, made of copper sheets, was erected. Its round was so wide that one could quite conveniently enter the big belly of the ox by means of a ladder and from there create all kinds of illusions.

243,9. But the illusions consisted of the following: During pilgrimage visits to this miraculous temple and idol, the enormous large head was continually moved up and down by means of an inner lever. Then a strong bellow was installed internally in the abdomen. Through the smoke not seldomly also flames were driven out to the mouth of the ox, after which it began mightily to thunder in the enormous ox.

243,10. And when the terrible thunder came to an end, only then the speaker sitting in the belly of the ox, took a big, tinny mouth piece and directed a few incoherent words to the trembling people.

243,11. Thereupon the ox calmed down and the high priest appeared through a back door, lit some smoke producing materials and determined the offering for the people and the next sacrifice time.

243,12. Whoever had cattle, had to sacrifice here, otherwise soon the cattle became ill and died, which of course was caused by the servicing spirits of this temple.

243,13. More sketches as follows!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-243 Chapter