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Chapter 244

244,1. A strong one day's journey from Hanoch towards noon on a completely bald rocky mountain was one of the most suspect temple constructed in which the sun was venerated.

244,2. But why was this temple so suspicious? - The detailed illustration thereof will clearly show why!

244,3. The temple was perfectly round. One half of the temple was a solid wall; but the other half was open and consisted of six columns supporting the conical round roof.

244,4. To the fixed wall side which pointed towards evening, the priestly residential buildings were very firmly attached and could accommodate a hundred priests; the living quarters had the same height as the temple which had a height of ten fathoms and as much in diameter.

244,5. Exactly in the middle of the solid wall of the temple, a by two fathoms in diameter, most smoothly polished concave mirror was installed, made from a thick gold plate, which, by means of a sophisticated mechanism could be turned through all degrees of a semicircle back and forth and up and down.

244,6. In exactly ten fathoms focal length towards evening, between the six columns, round offer altars were built, measuring five feet high and four feet in diameter.

244,7. From the priest’s apartments an underground passage ended right under the central altar, which of course means the middle altar from the five altars standing between six pillars.

244,8. This altar was hollow. Under it a hoist was installed; it lifted a stone disc, which fitted exactly into the inside of the altar.

244,9. Now, if the offer priest wanted to appear in his golden dress in the temple which was surrounded by the people, he stood on the stone disc and was wound upwards by the machine, naturally lifted the golden lid of the altar with his head and in this way stood like conjured on the altar with a golden hammer in his hand.

244,10. If then the people drew nearer and convinced themselves that the altar was made of a solid rock through which no natural person could penetrate, he was then looked at as a supreme being. Thereupon the priest covered the altar again, muttered some unintelligible words, then knocked three times on the cover of the altar, and at once the lid is lifted again, and a second priest, provided with smoke works, appeared.

244,11. This operation was repeated three times successively. Then the central altar was firmly closed, the four other altars were covered, and the four offer priests put their smoke works also on the white flagstones.

244,12. Now, when the smoke works were placed, the priests started to worship the concave mirror, which had the shape of the sun. But the high priest tapped with the hammer on another disk, and immediately the otherwise concealed concave mirror was displayed and by an internal mechanism was rotated by a skilled operator.

244,13. The mighty focus point was now pointed directly onto one of the four sacrificial altars and in a moment consumed the highly flammable incense.

244,14. Once the incense was consumed on all four altars, a speaker stepped on to the central altar and made a terrible speech to the people and showed that the sun was fully in control of this temple. That's why the people had to give enormous sacrifices, if they wanted to have nice days and a good year.

244,15. More I do not need to say about this satanic work; for every thinking person can easily see what effect this deceit had on the people who were kept in the very dark.

244,16. Next more of this kind!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-244 Chapter