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Chapter 245

245,1. To the east of Hanoch, at a distance of a three days' journey, was a moderate mountain range.

245,2. The highest part of this mountain range consisted of four equally high hills which were all rather regular cone shaped; but these four hills were not standing in a row but in such a way that the tips formed the corners of a slightly shifted quadrangle.

245,3. On the fairly significant plateau between these four hills was a not insignificant lake which had a circumference of about three hours. This lake had four pretty strong outflows, located of course in the four valleys between the four hills.

245,4. On each of these hills was built an open columns temple; and a little lower - almost at the lake - were the residential buildings of the priests located, but which did not have any visible doors, for from the opposite side of the hill a tunnel was dug which was the only access to the buildings; in the same manner an underground passage led from each of the residential buildings to each of the temple on the top of the hill.

245,5. In the center of each temple a mighty pillar was built. At each of the four walls of the pillar a colossal hollow metal head of clumsy work was immured. Each of these heads had an open mouth like someone blowing at a piece of coal or anything else; the mouth opening of course had a diameter of about two shoes.

245,6. From the pier an underground tube with two shoes in diameter led to an artificially made, completely hidden cave about two hundred fathoms down from the temple. In this cave, as large as a modern day prayer house, was a powerful fan installed which was driven by a water wheel, and had the capacity to blow ten thousand cubic feet air per second through the said tube into one of the temples. Naturally had each temple its own fan constructed in the valley gorge.

245,7. Four times a year a great sacrificial feast was held in this wondrous place which, of course, was dedicated to the four winds. For these four winds anyone had to sacrifice abundantly from everything he had, - otherwise he was exposed to quite horrific storms. On the specific sacrificial festival days the place was swarmed with thousands and thousands of pilgrims, who were all loaded with plenty of offers of all kinds.

245,8. When the temples were surrounded in numbers, all of a sudden the priests appeared as conjured from one of the columns through a hidden door which was artificially constructed in the column; the priests gave a sign with a flag to the area where the secret fans were located, and soon the mechanics brought the fans to the fullest action, and from the mouth openings of the four colossal heads on the pillars began to blow so powerfully, that in a distance of twenty fathoms the air flow was still so strong that it wielded the power of a hurricane.

245,9. By that the people now recognized the masters of the winds and sometimes had to provide them with great sacrifices, if they wanted to win their favour, but could still never fully rely on their loyalty; for the lords of the winds had to be very flexible indeed!

245,10. The same air flow could also be directed at the surface of the lake through other tubes, whereby the lake was caused to swell significantly, particularly in the area where the tubes joined the water of the lake.

245,11. The effect of this kind of great illusions exerted on the stupid people, is easily to imagine!

245,12. More sketches are to follow!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-245 Chapter