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Chapter 246

246,1. In a likewise mountainous area, which was located a two days' journey north-east of Hanoch, a temple was built for the water god. But how - the following brief sketch will show!

246,2. In the said area, which was enclosed by steep mountains all around, there was a very large lake, which had a circumference of thirty miles or sixty hours' journey.

246,3. In the middle of the lake, however, was an island which had a surface area of at least four square miles and was filled with cliffs and other small but quite steep, fountain rich mountains, through which the more flat part of the island was quite well irrigated and thus very fertile.

246,4. This island was chosen by the water gods and they built in the center of it a very attractive castle around which a broad moat was drawn, which received its water from a hundred artificial spouting fountains.

246,5. In the middle of this quadrangular castle a majestic open temple was built, in which there was standing in a large shell, which was carved out of stone, a colossal water dragon, which, however, was not made out of stone but artfully crafted from an alloy of copper sheet mixed with gold.

246,6. On the back of the dragon rode a colossal man figure which was made from the same materials, which, driven by an inner, very simple mechanism, continually turned its head back and forth and from time to time raised its right hand.

246,7. As often as this figure raised its hand, a powerful jet of water shot about twelve fathoms high into the air from a pipe mounted on top of the circular roof of the temple, what was for the stupid people of course a most wonderfully surprising spectacle.

246,8. There were still a lot of other water works of art built here and the whole island was in time littered with all kinds of spouting fountains; to describe them all in detail would require an entire book. So let’s move on to the main issue!

246,9. Annually twelve festivals were dedicated to the water god. And whoever wanted to dug a well anywhere in the kingdom of Hanoch had to sacrifice the water god before. Whenever one washed himself, he had to think of the water god and set aside a small offer every seven days. Who bathed had to already bring a substantial offer and had to hand it over to any of the established water god’s water guards, - otherwise he could count on any luck concerning the water!

246,10. Thus also launders, boatmen and fishermen and all sorts of people who used water, had to sacrifice to the water god regularly or they could expect unforeseen calamities, in which they were usually brought by the water masters who were stationed everywhere near the waters.

246,11. So that all the people from the Hanoch kingdom willingly contributed to such sacrifices - as already noted - twelve festivals were held on the island annually. During such festivals swarms of all kinds of water crafts appeared on the lake; the pilgrims sailed back and forth on the lake.

246,12. On the island there were also a lot of inns where the guests were milked and deceived as much as possible; and also the priestly fishermen and boatmen of this lake had a good income. Although everyone was transported to the island for free, he had to pay substantially more for the return trip.

246,13. I mean, it is not necessary to know more about this atrocity! Therefore, we want to move on to an even more laudable event!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-246 Chapter