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Chapter 248

248,1. In Hanoch itself a miracle temple was built, which was open every day; every visitor just had to be acquiesced to give a substantial sacrifice to the beautiful priestesses, the half-goddesses and especially the full-goddesses.

248,2. Yes, how was this temple arranged and to whom was here the divine worship bestowed? - The following short presentation will show this in the brightest light!

248,3. The temple was built outside the gate that led to the children of God, and behind which the mountains began.

248,4. In the books of Kinkar a fiery description of Naeme was found, who was according to the description so beautiful, that even the stones would have run after her.

248,5. For this Naeme thus a most glorious temple was built, which was round and open and consisted of thirty outward columns and ten pillars within the thirty columns in a good order, so that behind each three columns one pillar stood to carry the round roof, with a spacing of three fathoms.

248,6. Around the temple three palaces were built; the one for the priestesses, the other for the half-goddesses and the third for the full-goddesses.

248,7. In the middle of the temple itself, on a heavily gilded pedestal, Naeme was artfully presented in white marble, completely naked, in a somewhat colossal size, and on the pillars naked statues of men in full excitement on lower frames and their faces directed towards the naked Naeme, were featured.

248,8. Around the temple and around the three residential palaces, tremendously large gardens were laid out which had no equal in splendor and artful construction.

248,9. It consisted of three sections. The one and the most excellent was an elaborate maze; but the corridors of this labyrinth were not a closed wall, but consisted of dainty stake fences, which were arranged in such a way that one could look from one passage into a hundred others.

248,10. And if here and there a most beautiful full-goddess teasingly showed herself, the worshipper of such a goddess could nevertheless not reach her, even if only one stake fence separated him from her, he still had to make the biggest detours to get to her.

248,11. But the difference between the priestesses, half-goddesses and full-goddesses consisted therein:

248,12. The priestesses were daintily dressed and otherwise had a beautiful face and stature.

248,13. The half-goddesses wore only a span long golden apron over the private parts and bracelets with gems and golden sandals on their feet; but otherwise they were completely naked.

248,14. But the full-goddesses were completely naked except for the golden sandals on their feet and had to be of the greatest beauty. Their hair had to be golden blond; the whole body was not allowed to have only one single spot and had to be white throughout and absolutely immaculate. Except for the head, no other parts of the body was allowed to have any natural hair, for its removal, however, Hanoch’s art had many means.

248,15. When the full-goddesses strolled in the covered labyrinths, they always were accompanied by a priestess and a half-goddess. The priestess had to walk in front to clean the path for the full-goddess, and the half-goddess had to wear off flies, gnats and wasps from the full-goddess’s body with a wolf or fox tail.

248,16. In the other two sections of the garden, which consisted of avenues, flowerbeds and summer-houses, the priestesses were also able to conduct business; but in the labyrinth which was also provided with a lot of closed little temples, only the full- and sometimes also the half-goddesses were allowed to do business.

248,17. The deity of beauty had no dedicated festivals; but therefore the temple was open day and night with good lighting.

248,18. Initially, the temple was only provided with three thousand females; but only within three years, the priestesses, half- and full-priestesses had to be increased tenfold. Because they brought Gurat more treasures than any other temple; for the maze bristled day and night of admirers of the half- and full-goddesses.

248,19. To say more about it, is not necessary; because the obvious vice is clearly visible to everyone. Let’s thus turn to another sketch!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-248 Chapter