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Chapter 249

249,1. Not far from Hanoch, where the metal works were located during the times of Lamech, of which Thubalkain was the inventor, also a particularly rich and glorious temple was built.

249,2. This temple was also open, and a large circular roof was carried by many metal pillars, which this temple had several hundreds; but the temple was not perfectly round, but more oval.

249,3. In the narrower background was erected a massive tripod. Its feet were three by two fathoms high pillars, and the massive round disc they were carrying, measured three fathoms in diameter.

249,4. On this round disk a colossal half-naked blacksmith, was standing, artfully crafted from thick copper sheet. Before him a mighty anvil was placed, on which lay a big lump of ore.

249,5. The colossal blacksmith had an enormous hammer in his right hand, which, however, was also hollow like the blacksmith himself. In his left hand he held a big pair of pliers with which he held the lump of ore on the anvil.

249,6. At the edge of the disc, on which our blacksmith was standing, many smaller statues were displayed, also made from copper sheet, each embellished with a different metallurgical tool, thus presenting the attributes of the metal god and first metal master, who of course was none other than Thubalkain himself.

249,7. Behind the large temple, towards the mountain, a large priestly castle was built, in which lived a hundred priests and who lived from the opulent sacrifices offered to this god.

249,8. But behind the castle the holy shaft was located, which Thubalkain himself had dug into the mountain. For a sizeable sacrifice anyone was allowed to drive into the same.

249,9. At a depth of one hundred fathoms was a large cave, which Thubalkain had constructed. Here the priests displayed many old holy artifacts which all stemmed from Thubalkain. Of course, just like everywhere else, there existed a lot of lies and deceptions.

249,10. This god had only three festivals annually. At such festivals an ox was slaughtered by the priests, namely on the large round disc in front of the god.

249,11. When the ox was slaughtered, the priest came down from the disc, and in a moment a mighty fire ignited under the three-foot, increased constantly and soon made the whole disc red hot. And the fire persisted for as long as the whole ox was reduced to ashes on the disc.

249,12. During the course of the fire, the god started to hammer diligently, which action was of course accomplished by a hidden water transmission system, as was by the same means set in motion a strong bellow, through which the coal fire was fanned mightily under the three foot.

249,13. Upon this always same sacrifice, strong sermons were held, in which the benefits of the metals were praised, and of course the god of the metals most.

249,14. After such preachings the sacrifices were collected and the pilgrims were allowed to visit the nearby royal large mines, but where it swarmed of beggars asking for tips.

249,15. That this temple was also heavily attended does not need to be mentioned in more detail; therefore enough of these horrors!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-249 Chapter