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Chapter 250

250,1. In a similar manner there existed still many gods and temples. Nature had a temple in Hanoch, and then in every city a somewhat smaller; the clouds had also a temple; also the moon, the stars, certain animals, trees, springs, streams, lakes, oceans, mountains and various metals had their particular gods, temples and priests. Everywhere one came across another temple.

250,2. But all these temples were still subordinated to the ones already described. Only in Hanoch there still existed for the sake of traditional use and wrapped in secrecy the temple of Lamech according to the books of Kinkar; but except for the king, the general chief priest and the other high priests, no one was allowed to come near this temple punishable by death, which was dedicated to the old God of lightning and thunder.

250,3. Only the temple of wisdom on the Snake Mountain was free; but no wisdom could be acquire in it anymore, but in its place only a most mystical sorcery was performed, and in the center of this ancient temple an oracle was built where anyone could be lied to for money and other sacrifices whenever and as often as he wanted. Of course, the common man took everything at face value.

250,4. In this way the government of Gurat has grown within five years to such an extent, that he was able to exempt the people from all taxes; because these temple works contributed enormous sums and caused that even many previously seceded provinces again asked for the protection of Hanoch and most joyously sacrificed to the gods. Yes, there were those so zealous for the nature of the temples and gods, who made it a supreme grace when they were allowed to also built a new temple somewhere and start collecting for the king!

250,5. In the course of ten years, each village had almost as many temples as other houses, and one house competed with another house, a village with another village, and a town with another town, to bring the king the richest sacrifices because the king in a certain way represented all the gods, and therefore was also called the servant of all the gods.

250,6. This was thus the status of the kingdom Hanoch!

250,7. But what did the cut off highlanders do when they discovered what Gurat did to them instead of recognizing their supremacy?

250,8. The ten princes had the whole, wide mountainous area investigated in great detail for a possible way down.

250,9. A year passed with all the studies of the terrain. But all in vain; for Gurat had the whole area permanently guarded and continuously had the mountains vertically excavated wherever the mountains joined the highlands, so that one could see nothing else but bare walls of vast expanses.

250,10. Traces of this work of Gurat are here and there still visible today in the present Tibet.

250,11. But the ten counseled what should be done. How is revenge possible here?

250,12. Ten times a great council was held; but no cogently decision could be made.

250,13. Therefore the ten said: "We therefore must set up other laws with regard to the procreation of children among us, otherwise our although great and fertile land within a short time will become incredibly small for us!”

250,14. But when they wanted to proclaim such laws, behold, another messenger came from Noah and prevented the ten from this legislation!

250,15. But how - the following will show!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-250 Chapter