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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-251 Chapter

Chapter 251

251,1. The messenger of Noah was received with great distinction by the ten and was asked what should happen now, - whether the decided law should be implemented or not.

251,2. But the messenger of Noah said: "No, this you should not do; for not all roads out of this country are cut off! Am I also of flesh and blood and still could find a way to you! How should you not also find this eternal indestructible way out of this land, if it would become necessary?!

251,3. But this country is anyway so large that it can feed you, and even if you would be hundred times more than your population is now!

251,4. Who of you knows all its boundaries?! You've send some scouts out here and there and every one has seen a part; but no one has yet seen and measured with his own eyes the vastness of this country!

251,5. But it has been shown to me and I found it by fifty days' journey long towards the morning and about ten days' journey wide towards midnight!

251,6. It is true that this country has been made almost inaccessible to all sides by Gurat with the aid of two million people, what has cost him large sums already during the past ten years and will cost him even more in future; but notwithstanding this country still has a free exit, namely through the heights of Noah, my lord!

251,7. From there, large pieces of land stretch towards evening with only a few or no inhabitants at all! Thus there is plenty of land and enough exits, even if you should multiply many times over!

251,8. However, that I bring you this comfort is not why I was sent to you, but rather that I should proclaim to you the nearing judgment of God to all the people of this earth, who will not return to Him and not keep His commandment which He has given at the beginning to the fathers of the heights and the kings of the depths.

251,9. Thus are the words of God, and thus the Lord has spoken to my lord a hundred years ago: the people no longer want to be led by My spirit; for they have become pure flesh; but I nevertheless want to give them a deadline of one hundred and twenty years!'

251,10. And again, the Lord spoke and said: 'Noah, send messengers to all parts of the world, and let all creatures be threaten with My judgement!'

251,11. This, my lord Noah did, from year to year; but many messengers had themselves beguiled by the flesh and never conveyed the message.

251,12. Now, it has been ten years since my brother was with you and another in Hanoch. From you the brother has returned; but the other was killed in Hanoch.

251,13. From then on, Noah annually sent a messenger secretly to Hanoch and thirty to other cities; but the messengers were blinded by the idols of Hanoch and became flesh.

251,14. But therefore God’s patience has run out and three days ago He again spoke with Noah and said: 'Noah, move with your people to the forest, and have a thousand slender and straight fir trunks cut, and have them finely cut to squares, and place the cut logs together and let them lie there for five years! I then will tell you what you should do with it!'

251,15. The carpenters have already laid the ax to the root! One hundred years have elapsed fruitlessly; now are just another twenty years left!

251,16. Therefore, return to the Lord in all seriousness, if you want to avoid the judgement! For as the twentieth year from today will have expired, the Lord will open the floodgates and the windows and with great floods kill all flesh of the earth!

251,17. Such I have spoken unto you, and such my brother is speaking now in Hanoch; blessed is he who will take note! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-251 Chapter