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Chapter 252

252,1. When the ten princes of the highlands heard such from the messenger of Noah, they were surprised and said:

252,2. "Friend, your words sound terrible; you proclaim us here a doomsday! What can, what should we do, then, to avoid such judgement? For what, do you think, is Noah going to use the thousand cut trunks?"

252,3. But the messenger said: "Concerning your question’s first point, I know very well that you know the old God, who talked with the fathers and quite often has taught in Hanoch and anointed the kings, what Kinkar has very accurately recorded in his great books! These books you know and once have finished reading one of them when you performed the temple guard duty.

252,4. In addition, you have heard a thousand oral traditions from the freed slaves, who consistently told you whatever they knew of this only true old God and Lord of heaven and earth; and in addition you also know as well as I what precisely this God wants with us, and what to do is our duty!

252,5. About all that my predecessor had anyway a decade ago made known to you everything there is to do for you! Thus I say: Act accordingly and you will not be afflicted by the judgment of God!

252,6. But if you do not comply and instead will only give inhuman laws to the people against all divine love and eternal order, you shall unavoidably shall fall prey to the judgement!

252,7. This is a response to the first point of your question; but regarding the second point of your question, you have indeed heard it from my statement that God will make known to Noah the use of the wood at the appointed time. Therefore I cannot give you any other answer! - Now you know everything!

252,8. But when Noah will get the instructions from God for the use of the wood, I will visit you again and tell you the reason. But now I must leave you again! Do think of this message and be active accordingly! Amen."

252,9. After these words the messenger left so quickly that no one noticed how and when he vanished.

252,10. And the ten contemplated what they should do. But they did not reach an agreement; therefore they called together a strong council meeting and discussed, pondering the message of the messenger.

252,11. But the leaders said: "We are of the opinion that the issue of the old God has always been ambiguous and that politics invented a God under all kinds of forms!

252,12. The old wizard on the heights has lost all his people; he wants to become a powerful ruler again! Therefore he now also relies on politics for his magical tricks to frighten us; but we are too enlightened now to be duped in this way.

252,13. Therefore, we stay with the first resolve, proclaim the law and the matter will go ahead even without God and Noah! But regarding this rapid disappearance of the messenger, we know the magical powers of the swallow herb; enjoy some of it and one becomes invisible! If we could find this herb, we could do the same!”

252,14. The ten liked the opinion of the leaders and the law was proclaimed and they had the swallow herb searched by a thousand herbalists.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-252 Chapter