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Chapter 253

253,1. Such was thus the effect the messenger had on the highlanders. But what progress did the messenger made in Hanoch? - This will be shown immediately!

253,2. The messenger to Hanoch was directed straight to the General Chief Priest; thus he went to him and as a messenger from the heights he was at once admitted.

253,3. But when he arrived at the General, he was immediately received with great courtesy and politely asked what his mission entails.

253,4. And the messenger conveyed without reservation the same message as his companion told to the highlanders.

253,5. But the General said to the messenger: "My valued friend! You are probably still very naive in your wisdom, and you do not seem to own a deeper way of thinking!

253,6. See, you're talking here about God and a judgement and a total destruction of the world and say, that God had spoken to Noah a hundred years ago and had now again spoken to him! How stupid you must be that you may believe such things! Just think for yourself!

253,7. Behold, you tell me that you, according to your mission, are in a certain way a judgement messenger of God, and you speak as if God Himself has spoken to Noah, your master! Now think for yourself: If there was a God who was exceedingly wise and omnipotent and omniscient, it would have been an utter shame for such a God, that He could not realize that such a messenger, like you, is to us what a dewdrop is to the endless sea!

253,8. In addition, a wise god must certainly have had a greater interest in a tremendously great nation than any single man who lives somewhere in some rock fissure! But your God comes only to him who has no power and no reputation in the eyes of the world, and therefore cannot achieve anything!

253,9. Thus what silly God is this, who does not even know the rulers of His people and comes Himself to them and teaches them better ways, so that they then give to the people a different direction?!

253,10. But I tell you, my estimable friend, your old Noah has just as little as I am never seen or heard any God - but in the possession of some old magic tricks he wants just as his ancestors gain some supremacy over the people of the earth again and therefore takes refuge to the old politics! But the old politics doesn’t work no longer where the mature and new politics has taken root!

253,11. Have you ever seen or heard God yourself? Or did you hear God speak to Noah? Or did God equipped you with some worthy miracle powers? - You negate this!

253,12. Now behold, would a wise God send such a poor messenger, like you, to the people of Hanoch and threaten them with a doomsday?! Would a god not know a thousand years in advance that such a messenger will only be laughed at most compassionately by five hundred million enlightened people?! Does your God seriously do not know that a fly can never overturn a mountain?! - See, see, my dear friend, how stupid your message is!

253,13. If there is a God, who is most wise and omniscient and omnipotent, He will apply to perhaps convert us completely different, more effective and a great nation more worthy means, than such old political measures which are for a long time not accepted by us any longer!

253,14. See, we are now live in the most beautiful order! We have no wars, we collect no taxes; throughout the empire there are no slaves; our laws are as soft as wool; we live happily, as if the millions of people had only one body and one soul. This is the result of our laws! Tell me, can a god impose a better order?!

253,15. All our laws are derived from the best of human nature, and therefore the people conform to them, and everyone is happy and very cheerful under such laws. Nobody is pressed by distress and poverty! Tell me, my righteous friend, can there still be any better government and order?"

253,16. Here, the messenger was taken aback and did not know what to say.

253,17. But the General said to the messenger: "Behold, you are quite a good young man and seem to be not without talent; therefore I'll make you a proposal to remain here. I myself will take care of your education and will help you to earn a substantial piece of bread; this you can expect!

253,18. But I do not want to force you! If you rather want to go back to your mountains, you can also do that; but first you should convince yourself more thoroughly how excellent our government is organized! And thus follow me to the king! "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-253 Chapter