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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-254 Chapter

Chapter 254

254,1. The messenger gathered himself and followed the General to the king Gurat.

254,2. When both arrived at the king, the messenger was also received by the king with the greatest distinction and only then ask very politely, what his mission was.

254,3. And the messenger bowed deeply before the king and said: "Great king and lord, I only had a mandate to speak to the General! I have shown him the content of my mission; but with amazing wisdom he showed me the devoidness of my mission, and therefore I do not want to repeat the same again!"

254,4. From this answer the king realized that the messenger was intelligent and thus said to him: "Now listen to me, my son! Because I can see that you're a well-behaved, young man and seem to have some other talents, I want to adopt you in my house and want to give you teachers who can instruct you to read, write and do arithmetic and also in various other arts and sciences.

254,5. Once you are equipped with such knowledge and skills, I will make you a great man in my great empire, and as such you will enjoy a high standing everywhere and you will have a good life, and the people will carry you on their hands, if you can prove yourself useful to them! Are you satisfied with proposal?”

254,6. The messenger replied in the affirmative with obvious joy and said: "O great king, because you're so good, so gentle and wise, I would like to bring another request to your ears!"

254,7. The king granted such the messenger and the messenger said: "O king, hear me! See, my father’s name is Mahal who is a brother of Noah! But this my father is already five hundred years old and is still very strong, as if he was only fifty. I'm his youngest son and I'm also already seventy years old and have many brothers and sisters.

254,8. However, I do not want to speak of all that, but only of my sister who is a year older than me. She has grown into my heart! Can I also ask her to come here so that she can be with me, and I will be a thousand times more glad to remain here, than staying here without this divinely beautiful sister!"

254,9. And the king smiled and said: "What? You are already seventy years old and still seem to be more of a youth than to be a man?! Tell me, is this also the case with your sister?"

254,10. And the messenger said, "O king, she is still so delicate and beautiful, as if she counted barely sixteen years!”

254,11. And the king said to the General: "Verily, the matter interests me! Arrange therefore, that this sister comes here to her brother, and the brother should assist you in this; that there will be no lack of a reward, you know already!"

254,12. Here, the General immediately engaged the messenger, talked to him, and already the very next day a very crafty hunting expedition for the sister was undertaken.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-254 Chapter