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Chapter 255

255,1. But how was this hunt arranged? - The messenger, the brother of the sister to be hunted, had to borrow his clothes to a criminal who was sentenced to death because of a severe crime he committed; but this delinquent was told that the death penalty would be waived, if he succeeded to bring the sister of the messenger, from whom he got the clothes, to the king in Hanoch.

255,2. But this delinquent was a cunning scoundrel and received the death penalty because he had the audacity to lay his hands on the royal treasures with his slick schemes, when he was caught and immediately sentenced to death.

255,3. But when the death penalty for this delinquent was waived under such conditions, he was exceedingly glad and said: "Not only one, but if their would a thousand, I would trust myself to bring them here all by myself; and as such I will easily manage the one! How far is it from here to the dwelling of the old wizard at the heights?"

255,4. And he was told: "For a strong walker it is a two days' journey up; but back the distance could be covered in one and a half day!"

255,5. And the delinquent said: “Give me one or two guides, so that I will not be delayed due to walking astray; and I will be back with the loot within three days, perhaps even earlier!"

255,6. This request of the delinquent was immediately warranted; three armed guides were assigned to him and at once he left for the hunt.

255,7. But on the way the three guides said to the hunter: "What is it we will achieve? If we get in the vicinity of the dwelling of the old wizard, will he not soon notice us and destroy us?"

255,8. But the hunter said: "Just leave that to me! I will lead the Satan astray when it matters! If we get close enough that the shouting of strong man can be heard, you start to call 'Waltar!'. This is the name of the brother of the sister we want to catch!

255,9. She loves her brother, and when she hears someone calling his name, she surely will be the first to go and see who is calling! But I will then run away from you for a while towards Hanoch; and if she will recognizes me as her brother because of the clothes, she will follow you without resistance!

255,10. But then she already belongs to us and the old wizard cannot touch us because the sister is not forced, but followed us voluntarily to go and see her brother; for this I know, that no magician has any power, where the free will of one of his consanguineous is involved!"

255,11. Thus the hunting plan was made, but was never executed because Agla herself was on the way to Hanoch, for the sake of her brother, and met the deputation already halfway; they recognized her by her exceptional beauty and by the cry: "Waltar! Waltar! My brother!", when she saw the hunter.

255,12. But the hunter explained the matter to her and full of joy she followed the four men to the big city.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-255 Chapter