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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-256 Chapter

Chapter 256

256,1. When the sister was brought to the king in the castle and looked at from head to toes, the king was astonished beyond measure of her beauty and immediately had Waltar called to show him his beautiful sister, so that he could confirm that she was his sister.

256,2. But when Waltar saw Agla, he immediately was in tears for joy, fell round her neck and kissed and greeted her as his beloved sister.

256,3. When the king by this scene realized that this was Waltar’s right sister, he went to him and said:

256,4. "Listen to me, you my dear Waltar! Your sister is a wonder of the world; her beauty surpasses all my previous notions, and when I think that this girl is seventy-one years old, she is not standing before me like a human being, but as a purest sky goddess who never ages but is of eternal youth!

256,5. You know what: Until now I have not taken a steady wife and I have put no maid a royal crown on her head; but this your sister I immediately want to take as my abiding wife and want to give her royal clothes and put a most beautiful crown on her head!

256,6. Tell me, Waltar, are you satisfied with this proposal and do you realize the great benefits accruing to you, if your sister becomes queen of the immense empire Hanoch?"

256,7. Here Waltar was taken aback and for a while he thought back and forth and did not really know what he should say.

256,8. But Agla who on the spot liked this proposal more than her brother, said at once to him: "What are you going to do in the house of him who commands millions? Bless me for the king, and do not tread your benefits with your feet!"

256,9. When Waltar heard such talk from his beloved sister, he spoke very excited: "I’m not going to bless, but curse you in my chest, since your love for me, who would have died for you, did so quickly extinguished!

256,10. O king, take her, the faithless! I bless her for you and leave her to you with every fiber of my life; since for me she is no longer worth the dust of my feet.

256,11. Truly, if she held on to me and would have been glowing for my love, I would not have withhold her from you and would have found great joy therein to have brought you such a great sacrifice! But in this way Agla has cheated me out of everything, and as such, o king, I cannot give you anything since the faithless has given herself to you!

256,12. I therefore bless her for you; but in my chest she is accursed! - But let me now move back to the heights and cry out of grief!”

256,13. And the king said: "It should not be like that, my Waltar! I will also have you wear royal garments and will then take you myself to the temple of my goddesses. Should you find a liking in one of them as a formal viceroy, you stay here; if you do not find one to your liking, you can then return to your eerie mountains!"

256,14. That gave Waltar a new idea. He agreed to the proposal of the king, which Agla was not too happy about; for her love for Waltar was still quite strong, and her hasty earlier approval was more of a female love trial trick than an actual particular commitment.

256,15. But Waltar welcomed this even more so because he could now take revenge on Agla.

256,16. But Gurat had immediately brought royal clothes for both with which they dressed themselves.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-256 Chapter