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Chapter 257

257,1. Gurat called upon the general chief priest and went under royal escort of all his court officials and servants and with the royally dressed Waltar to the certain temple.

257,2. Since a harbinger was send to the temple of the goddesses through a sign to the general for the predetermined purpose, on arrival of the king everything was ready in the most seductive and lushest order in the large maze garden of the goddesses of female beauty.

257,3. Hundreds and hundreds of such main goddesses swarmed, accompanied by the under-goddesses in an already known manner, through the maze; some danced, some made other sexappealing positions, some were singing, and some just walked calmly their way.

257,4. When the warm-blooded Waltar saw this seductive spectacle, he was totally confused and did not know what to say or what he should covet.

257,5. But when Gurat noticed this to his great delight, he said to Waltar: "Friend, as it seems to me, it will not be too difficult for you to forget your beautiful sister!

257,6. Tell me - have you already picked one of these goddesses? Show me one soon and I will at once give her to you as a wife, together with her sub-goddesses! Or, if you like more than one, then tell me about it and they shall be yours! For here in my kingdom every man is allowed to have more than one wife - although I think that you will have enough with only one goddess and her sub-goddesses!”

257,7. Here, Waltar looked carefully at the goddesses swarming by in front of him which pleased him exceedingly, for each one looked at him so sweetly, that after a while he said to Gurat:

257,8. "O king! I'm not only asking for one, not a hundred, but I ask you for all! For they are all too gorgeous that I could select only one! Therefore give me all, so that no one gets offended should she not become elected!"

257,9. But the king smiled and said to Waltar: "My most valued friend, listen to me what I will tell you now; which for the time being will be final!

257,10. See, for the time being I will give you only seven women, with whom you should live for a year in my palace! Should you after a year find it necessary that you need more, you can have others as many as you like!

257,11. Should the seven, however, be sufficient for you, you can stay with the seven which would please me more; since all these goddesses are available to you as a viceroy daily anyway for a modest sacrifice."

257,12. When Waltar heard this from Gurat he immediately agreed with this advice, took the seven women together with the sub-goddesses and, when the goddesses were dressed, went overjoyed with his new wives and Gurat back to the royal palace again.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-257 Chapter