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Chapter 258

258,1. But when at home in the palace of Gurat, Agla saw what her brother had done, she became angry in her heart and even more so demanded the hand of Gurat and the crown that she as queen and co-leader of the great empire could take revenge on her brother, as well as very specifically the goddesses of beauty.

258,2. Gurat, however, who liked Agla above all, complied very willingly because he thereby wished to put himself as early as possible in his imagined most happy state. And as such Agla, after the third day already when her brother received the seven women, became queen of Hanoch.

258,3. This Agla then became extremely tyrannical, and everyone who crossed her way had to bow before her to the ground.

258,4. This, however, displeased her brother Waltar, so that he therefore demanded from the king to be dismissed, in order to settle somewhere in the mountains, where he never would hear anything from his appalling sister.

258,5. But Gurat, who was virtually obsessed with Agla, did nothing without her consent and therefore asked her what she had to say about the resolve of her brother.

258,6. When Agla learned such, she was incensed of her brother, separated him immediately from his wives and had him brought to a deep prison. And when this happened she was far from being queen for one year and equally so did her brother enjoyed for the same period of time his marital happiness with his seven goddesses.

258,7. The general chief priest, however, was also displeased that Agla had her brother thrown in jail for no reason and cause; for Waltar could be quite valuable to the upper priestly general because of his very awakened spirit. Therefore he lobbied secretly with the king for the liberation of Waltar, however under the seal of the strictest secrecy before Agla, because she otherwise could inflict harm on her brother.

258,8. But the king said: "Everything would be all right; but how are we going to open the jail since Agla alone has the keys and on top of it has placed her most trusted guard in front of the prison?"

258,9. And the General said: "This is, after all, very bad; but leave this problem to me, - I'll bring the matter in order again! I will raid at night with a small fighting force the prison guards and blast open the prison gate by force, and the trusted guard will be compelled to accept the matter!"

258,10. Gurat agreed to this advice, and in the same night and in all after a two-month detention, Waltar was free again.

258,11. After Waltar was freed, the senior priests wanted to place him under their protection; but he only wanted to flee, and thus he was allowed to escape.

258,12. But when Agla learned what had happened, she sent captors after him, to recapture her brother and kill him wherever they could get to him.

258,13. And the captors, anticipating a good reward, walked quickly in all directions, overtook Waltar on his way to the mountains and killed him.

258,14. And this was his end and his reward, because he left the ways of God. And this was the beginning of the most cruelest government that has ever existed in Hanoch.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-258 Chapter