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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-26 Chapter

Chapter 26

26,1. Lamech and the others thanked the Lord for such great grace and then moved on.

26,2. On the way, near the morning height, the Lord remained standing and turned to Kisehel, without saying anything.

26,3. He, however, was so startled that he almost began to shudder, and he did not immediately realized what such a look, by the Lord, directed to him could mean.

26,4. But the Lord did not kept him for long in the dark and directed the following question to him, saying: "Kisehel! Why do you let such foolish thoughts rise in your heart?

26,5. Do you think that God is like a man, that He needs to copulate sensually to bring about His offspring?! And do you think that God ought to have a divine wife to have sensually begotten children with her?! - Oh, how mislead could you be!

26,6. If you have a wife, can you procreate with her what you want? Behold, this act will not follow your will, nor the will of your wife, but there always prevails My divine, almighty will, and it happens what I want and not what you want!

26,7. If you want a son, I give you a daughter, and if you want her, you will have a son; because I alone am the Lord of all life.

26,8. But if you got a thing going with your wife, do you know of what it consists what you beget?

26,9. I say to you: The centre of the earth and this are things equally known to you, and you know about the one as little as the other!

26,10. Only to Me are all things known from eternity; for I alone am the Lord, God almighty and endlessly wise from eternity!

26,11. However, in order to put a living fruit, according My order, into your wife with whom you slept, say, do I have to secretly sleep with your wife?!

26,12. And if suns give birth to worlds and plants and animals reproduce their equal, don’t you also want to ask in yourself if I secretly sleep with the suns, plants and animals?!

26,13. O you foolish man, what foolish thoughts you're capable of!

26,14. Behold, the wife or the first created spirit out of Me, is not the same what there is a woman on earth, and I do not need it to procreate out of it children for Me!

26,15. Because if I could produce the first spirit in all perfection from Myself, then I also will be able to evoke countless others without the first created spirit!

26,16. And therefore this first spirit has not been created by Me to produce others, as if I was only able to create the others with the assistance of the first, but this spirit has been created by Me for no other reason than for what you have been produced, namely: to recognize Me as the one God, Creator, Lord and most loving Father, to love Me and then to lively serve Me in all love.

26,17. The reason that out of this spirit then have emerged countless spirits, lies therein, because I created it completely according to My image and then breathed into it My free, powerful, creative life.

26,18. But when the spirit noticed such great perfection in himself, it began to create the rarest things, as well as its equal, out of itself.

26,19. But I as the highest and most powerful love and wisdom, kindness and tolerance and gentleness left the after-creatures of the spirit flourish and did for them what I do for those who are from Me, and care for those strangers like for those of my Father's house.

26,20. Say: Do I need a certain divine woman to produce heavens, angels, suns, worlds, moons, plants, animals and humans in a chaotic mix by some kind of intercourse?

26,21. O behold, the eternal, out and in Himself almighty Creator, surely does not need this! For I only need to want, and it is already there, what I want.

26,22. Behold, I now want that there should arise before us countless legions of people of both sexes, - and see, they are there, and those who have been created just now, I will never ever going to destroy anymore, but will now, before your eyes, place them into the stars! See, they already move on to their eternal, blessed destination, while praising Me!

26,23. You are now almost paralyzed with amazement! But I ask you, did I needed a woman for that?

26,24. You now are disaffirming such because you saw My power.

26,25. But I'm telling you: Do not let yourself be captivated by such foolish thoughts again, if you want to be pleasing to Me! But consider now that there prevails a big difference between you and Me, which can only possibly be reduced through love! - Now lets move on again! Amen. "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-26 Chapter