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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-260 Chapter

Chapter 260

260,1. Thereupon Agla ordered the captors to wrap the stabbed women in black cloths and to also bury them in the garden of the beauty goddesses; but prior to burial they should display the stabbed women fully exposed for one day in the temple of these goddesses, so that the goddesses could revel at them.

260,2. The captors said to the queen: "Great, mighty ruler! We are not quite dare to do this, for the people regard these goddesses as very important and if we frighten and offend them too much and they then complain to the people about it, it could have dire consequences for us, as well as for your Majesty, the great, mighty ruler!

260,3. For who wants to be cruel, must take the political route, so that his cruelty is not noticed; otherwise he soon runs into great danger and his actions will certainly encounter barriers! Your Majesty should follow this time our advice and allow the corpses to be buried secretly somewhere, and the matter will vanish without a trace for the people!"

260,4. Upon this well-intentioned plea by the captors, Agla reacted like lightning and swayed the dagger in front of anyone who would not immediately pay her the most punctual obedience.

260,5. And the pursuers had to do what the queen wanted.

260,6. The bodies were therefore untied and each individually wrapped in a black cloth and in broad daylight were transported on twenty-one camels to the large garden, where they were exhibited completely naked in the temple of Naeme.

260,7. The captors, however, when they had put the bodies on display, hurried away like thieves, leaving the camels and everything else behind and said to themselves: "We have been lucky this time to have escaped unharmed; for the next similar job the fury of a queen can go and look elsewhere for other henchmen! We will never serve her or the king!"

260,8. But the general chief priest has learned about everything already what Agla did through secret informants and ordered immediately a strong troop out to the goddesses.

260,9. However, the fleeing captors ran straight into the arms of the soldiers and were immediately arrested. As prisoners they had to turn back at once and lead the troopers to where they had placed the corpses.

260,10. When the soldiers together with the captors arrived in the temple and saw the dead bodies of the goddesses which were not yet seen by any other goddess, the captain asked the captors, whether they had stabbed these gorgeous women.

260,11. But the captors told the matter, as it happened.

260,12. And the leader of soldiers exclaimed: "By all the gods and the primordial God himself! This queen is the incarnate Satana herself, which is mentioned in the books of Kinkar; for such cruelty is unheard of!

260,13. How can we get rid of this snake of snakes? She sits on the throne; all hell is at her disposal! Shortly this will turn into a life in this city, of which tigers and hyenas will take flight!"

260,14. Thereupon the leader turned to one of his troopers and said: "An example will be performed here! Call the embalmers! I want the bodies to be embalmed to preserve them, and will put them in glass coffins here in the temple for display with the inscription: ‘The Queen’s work of hell!'

260,15. And you captors, go at once and unbury the head of Waltar which will also be embalmed, and I will then put it in a separate glass urn above the coffins of his wives with a suitable inscription!"

260,16. And all this happened immediately after the leader's firm will.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-260 Chapter