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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-261 Chapter

Chapter 261

261,1. In the course of eight days the bodies including the head of Waltar were embalmed and then placed in the already mentioned glass coffins in the temple of Naeme, as well as the head of Waltar in a of course properly closed glass urn on a heavily gilded frame in the middle of the coffins.

261,2. When this work was completed, the captain of the troopers went to the startled goddesses in their big dwelling and told them what had happened and invited them to look at the embalmed corpses.

261,3. And the goddesses, this time not naked but dressed in mourning clothes, went into the Naeme temple and were not little horrified on seeing the corpses.

261,4. After a long pause the upper goddess asked the leader of the soldiers with a trembling voice: “If this is the queen’s work, what can we expect in the near future? What will this fury do to us?”

261,5. And one of the arrested captors replied unsolicited and said: "Allow me to speak, my beautiful goddesses! In these coffins also your fate is written; for we have heard it from the queen's lips, what she contemplates! Nothing can save you from the queen’s rage but to flee!

261,6. Just don’t believe that the general chief priest will be able to thwart such her plans! For the queen has surreptitious ways and means that no one knows except her, and knows everything that gets in the way of her satanic plans; she certainly knows already for several days, what has taken place here with the corpses against her bidding, and I advise anyone not to wait too long who values and loves his own life!"

261,7. The captain of the troop took this speech to heart and he said to the goddesses: "The chief captor seems to be right; therefore get ready so that we can take you under safe escort to a place where you will be safe from the fury’s anger! Your subsistence will be taken care of wherever we will take you; because to do such with you, we have specific instructions from the General!"

261,8. The goddesses agreed at once; each took her treasures and left in haste with the soldiers and the captors.

261,9. However, not an hour went by and the queen’s most trusted servants arrived with a strong force of soldiers, who were equipped with many ropes, swords and lances and with orders to destroy the protective force of the General, gag all the goddesses, and then to also murder them and display them alongside the women of Waltar.

261,10. However, this time the Queen did not succeeded to execute her plan; but how she responded to this, the following will show.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-261 Chapter