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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-262 Chapter

Chapter 262

262,1. But when the most faithful servants of the queen with the strong detachment, to their great astonishment found the dwelling of the goddesses of beauty completely empty, they turned back and reported this immediately to the Queen.

262,2. The Queen, however, on learning this, raced like thousand furies and began to seethe of rage, and vowed to pursue the most bitter revenge on the general chief priest.

262,3. The captain of the servants of the Queen, however, since he was a very handsome man and secretly admired by the Queen, asked for the grace to speak a few words with her in private.

262,4. The queen welcomed this request of her darling and asked him to follow her into a small side room.

262,5. Exceedingly happy, the captain followed the Queen; and when he was alone with her, she immediately wanted to know his intention, why he wanted to speak with her alone.

262,6. The captain, however, instead of answering, took quickly off his clothes and completely naked said to the queen:

262,7. "Most highest mistress over my life and over my death! Only in this state can I talk to you in all truth; for as naked as I now stand before you, just as naked is also the truth I'm going to say to you now! And thus listen to me in my infinite love for you, loveliest Queen:

262,8. O Queen, you thousand victorious over my heart! You, o Queen, only to die by your hand would already be the greatest pleasure, you who are everything to me, I beg you for everything that is most pleasant and most dear to you in the the world, for your and my salvation, do not continue any longer with revenge plans against the General of the priesthood; for there you can do what you want and everywhere you will be always too late!

262,9. Do you think, my life, o Queen, your husband has the power in his hands? Oh, there you are greatly mistaken! I tell you: Gurat is only a name carrier and as a king stands in great esteem only as a heartfelt bosom friend of the General. But woe to us all, if we would succeed in turning things around and make the General our enemy!

262,10. As naked I’m now standing in front of you as true and certain we, including the king, are going to be lost within a few minutes! Even now there are already placed five hundred thousand battle ready warriors around the great palace of the General; only one nod from him and within the hour we are no more!

262,11. For several days now he has not visited the king and also does not allow the king to get to him, although the king is just making another attempt to win the General’s favour. Yes, he even wants to make you a gift for the General, if he only could regain the friendship of the general!

262,12. From this, o Queen, you can recognize the power and greatness of the General and how dangerous your plan is against the General!

262,13. O Queen, kill me if I have offended you by this my naked truth; but I could not resist the power of my love for you, to warn you about what could bring total destruction to you!"

262,14. For the first time the queen was terrified and said: "My dear Captain, I thank you for this warning! But now I also ask for your advice, what should be done, so that I not fall under the dominion of the General!”

262,15. And the captain said: "Oh, Queen, allow me the time today to take care of you, and tomorrow I will show you a way out!”

262,16. Thereupon he hugged the Queen, got dressed again and then went back to the great hall; but the queen remained in the room and asked for her maids.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-262 Chapter