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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-264 Chapter

Chapter 264

264,1. But after Drohuit had fully instructed Agla what she had to say in case Fungar-Hellan showed up, he immediately went to the palace of the same - but it took him no little effort to be allowed to see the General.

264,2. But when it took him all the effort of the world to finally see the General, he asked him with a fierce expression, saying: "Where are you coming from, you daring despiser of your life, and what is your mission? Speak quickly, if you do not want to be dead before you have opened your mouth!"

264,3. Drohuit, although shocked at first about the very unfriendly reception, for he did not imagined the General to be so angry; but after a while he took courage and also said with a very excited voice to Fungar-Hellan:

264,4. "Friend! - If you receive me like that, since you are the one who actually gave me my position at the court, and were always my most intimate friend, I will not speak one word despite the immense importance of the subject which I have to report to you, - although your and all the world well-being will depend on it, as well as the life of the heart! But take your sword and kill me right away together with my most important secret which no mortal being in the world knows except me!"

264,5. After this explanation the General said more gently: “Friend, calm down, it was only my first excitement; but now I recognize you again as my friend who has provided me with some good service in the past and perhaps even more so in future. And as such I beg you, say what you have say, and I will put my ear to your mouth!"

264,6. Thereupon Drohuit straightened and said: "Well, then, so hear me out!

264,7. See, you're now very angry about Gurat, your first friend, and even pursue the life of the Queen! But listen what I'm going to reveal to you now:

264,8. For as long this earth is inhabited by humans and animals, never has there existed a greater injustice and ingratitude, than through your current conduct towards the Queen and against the King!

264,9. Tell me, what does a rescued person owes his lifesaver? For now I do not ask anything else, only tell me this!"

264,10. The General looked at Drohuit and spoke in excited suspense: "What are you talking about? Speak more clearly! Explain yourself, so that I can run to my lifesaver and worship him!"

264,11. And Drohuit, shouting inside himself victoria, straightened again and said: "For now I tell you nothing else than this: The Queen, who loves you as her right eye, and whom you strive to destroy, the same Queen is your lifesaver in a way that the whole world has never experienced before!

264,12. I do not say more to you; but go, and you'll learn it from her what she has done for you! Then you may well kill her, if you have the heart for it!

264,13. But if you are suspicious about this my statement, then take an escort with you; and here this letter of accreditation which the queen herself gave to me for you, you will easily recognize that I’m certainly not a traitor against you!"

264,14. Here the General shouted: "Agla, I have misjudged you! You, the great queen of my thoughts! Through your incomprehensible cruelty you have saved my life?! - Let me go to her at once; about this I must know more!"

264,15. Here the general left everything standing, took his guard of honor, and hastened to the Queen.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-264 Chapter