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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-265 Chapter

Chapter 265

265,1. But the King and Queen were in the most intense expectation and looked through the windows whether Fungar-Hellan was coming or not. How amazingly large was now the joy of both, when they saw the General with Drohuit on his right side, accompanied by a large guard of honor, approaching the palace!

265,2. The Queen immediately went to her room, and the King to his, and each expected by himself the man, on whom the weal and woe of half the earth depended at that time.

265,3. On reaching the gates of the palace the General spoke to Drohuit: "Now I'm here; but let me tell you this: If I have the slightest suspicion, the living hell is your lot!"

265,4. And the Drohuit replied: "Truly, I shall not fail to jump in, if you are not received with the greatest, unfeigned love and respect by both sides and find not find confirmed every point I made!”

265,5. And Fungar-Hellan said: “Well, let us therefore go up and convince ourselves of everything!"

265,6. Here Fungar-Hellan at the side of Drohuit and under the escort of his honor guard, went up to the second floor of the tremendously big palace and went first to the king who received him with open arms under the exclamation: "My brother - my salvation!"

265,7. This reception stirred the General's heart, and his mood already changed for the better - and he asked the King whether his friendship would not be better than his hostility.

265,8. And Gurat replied: "Oh, brother, if you're my enemy, then I am no longer a king! For I owe you everything; you're alone the order and therefore the support of my house! How could I not be stingy for your friendship?!"

265,9. Here Fungar-Hellan hugged his old friend again and said to Drohuit: "Come closer, for I now realize that you meant well to both us and so you can become the third in our friendship league! But now let us go to Agla and see how she will become one with this covenant!"

265,10. Thereupon the General went between the King and Drohuit, followed by the shining guard of honor to Agla, who also ran towards him with her most charming open arms and embraced him with all the strength of her love.

265,11. This most unexpected reception left such a soothing impression on the General that he was hardly capable to utter a word from his mouth out of this sheer feeling of bliss.

265,12. Only Agla said after a while, also trembling with love: "Fungar-Hellan, how could you go after my life, when my love for you brought your life sacrifices which I would have never sacrificed to a god?!

265,13. It is true, I had to appear to you inhumanly cruel; for my actions were of such nature for which the earth until now can show no example! But the earth until now does not know of a female heart, that would be filled with my love for you, Fungar-Hellan! But the great carrier of life also does not know a female mind who knew how to appreciate the grandeur of a Fungar-Hellan! But I can boast with such a mind, and therefore my endlessly great love for you, and the deeds which I committed for you, Fungar-Hellan, are explainable!”

265,14. This explanation made the General quite soft, and he said: "O Agla, what do you ask as a reward for such love?"

265,15. And Agla said: "Your heart, your love is my reward! But listen to me first, so that it becomes clear to you why I did what I have done; then you will realize that I love you more than my life!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-265 Chapter