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Chapter 266

266,1. Gurat was not too overly excited by this declaration of love of his heavenly Agla to Fungar-Hellan, but of course only very secretly within; for openly his non-compliance would not have been at the right place here.

266,2. But what else could he do here other than watch such declaration of love with highly amused eyes?! For he would miss it anyway. Two sour apples, one left and one right; in one he had to bite, and it was much better to bite only one than to have bite them both proficiently!

266,3. But also Drohuit was displeased by such declaration of the Queen to the General and would have loved that it was directed to him. But there was nothing else to do than smile to an evil game; for here only one wry look could mean the loss of life.

266,4. And as such both Gurat and Drohuit made very friendly faces and in a certain way wished Fungar-Hellan mimly all happiness, and also Agla.

266,5. However, she at once began to present the reasons of her cruelty, as she formerly mentioned, so that the General thoroughly would see how endlessly dear he was to her, and why. And she therefore said:

266,6. "You my most beloved Fungar-Hellan! You know that I loved my brother more than my own life, that's why I left the heights and went, not heeding my own life, to look for my brother in this still completely unknown city.

266,7. But I found him much easier than I thought. How? That you all know. I was brought here, and the King immediately began to negotiate for my heart, and persuaded my brother, that he should sacrifice me to him, for which the King offered him the beauty goddesses as compensation plus the title of a viceroy.

266,8. At the first glance I saw that my brother wavering. This upset me beyond measure that he could have a wavering heart for me, for I have risked my life for him.

266,9. I defeated myself, stepped up to him and in order to test his love for me, I myself advised him to swap me. And he, who in any case loved me only a little, instead of risking his life for his poor sister because of her inner, higher value, he swapped me, the purest being, for some venal whores, who never recognized an inner life value!

266,10. This despicable act of revenge of my brother, was heavy for my heart; however, I could not change what has been done.

266,11. In such my inside afflictions I met you, Fungar-Hellan, and soon recognized in you a great spirit, for whom it is possible, to lead millions with his insight, one way or another! Only too soon I realized, that only you and not the King, has been the lord of Hanoch and the whole, great empire!

266,12. Then I thought: Oh, man, if I could reveal to you my eternal truth about the true destiny of man from God, as I have it in me, and if I had your love, what endless good could you bring about!

266,13. But when I saw you, Fungar-Hellan, pretty close to my heart already and realized that my brother’s standing began to increase with you on my account, I suddenly discovered a shameful conspiracy of my brother against you! And I therefore had him thrown into the dungeon myself, since his life was still dear to me, which he would have lost otherwise, when his treachery would have been recognized!

266,14. I visited him daily and tried to convert him, but with little success; when I with great difficulty was half way to recovery with him, you found out that he languish in prison and thus freed your greatest enemy. He fled to destroy you with the help of the highland people, to whom he would have shown a way out.

266,15. It was now a matter of life or death! I thus sent captors after him with orders to slay the brother wherever they met him; because if he had been brought here alive again, you would have made a high ranking personality of him and he would have left in secrecy and would have betrayed you to the highland people. They would have then attacked you like fierce tigers and would have butchered millions! And if I would have betrayed him to you what would you have done to him - and perhaps also to me?

266,16. To a avoid such great evil, I made the heavy sacrifice! Now judge whether I am therefore thus cruel, as you suppose it! - But I'm not finished yet; therefore hear me out!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-266 Chapter