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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-267 Chapter

Chapter 267

267,1. And Agla continued: "The brother, however, when he fled, had secretly instructed his wives that they should turn the whole temple of beauty goddesses against you, and if possible even try to kill you and king Gurat, so that Waltar, if he would have come back with great power, could get on the royal throne of this city without any resistance.

267,2. For Waltar this evil path was cut off, as you well know! But what were the women up to when they temptingly through my intervention learned about the death of their husband? Listen, they made a hideous oath, to destroy without grace or mercy, you, Gurat and myself!

267,3. But when and how though? - Follow me to the secret room where the seven main wives dwelled and convince yourself of everything!"

267,4. Here Agla led the whole assembly to the secret but quite large room, had a hidden closet opened and then said, pointing with her hand to a crystal cup:

267,5. "There you see this terrible bowl; it is full of highly poisoned needles! Bring me an animal, very carefully take one of the needles, and just scratch the animal's skin a little and convince yourself how it will perish!"

267,6. Immediately a large calf was brought in and scratched just slightly under the belly with one of the needles, and the calf was killed instantly.

267,7. All were horrified about this amazing effect.

267,8. And Agla said: "Try it on other animals and the effect will be the same! Or if you have a rare criminal who is doomed to certain death, bring him here and do the same to him! Most certain, no moment is quick enough as to how quickly and completely painless such a needle would kill him!"

267,9. But Fungar-Hellan said: "Agla, how did you know this and how did you get behind all this? How did you obtained the exact information about the terrible effect of this completely unknown poison to me?"

267,10. And Agla said: "Look here, our great friend and lifesaver Drohuit told me about all these things and as an undercover co-conspirator got everything from the women, what they in particular wanted to undertake against you!

267,11. But when he revealed such to me and I soon convinced myself of their great wickedness, my whole soul was overcome by a mighty vengeance. As a friend of all these women I had brought them here to my room by my dressed up minions, where they had to undress immediately. I then had them tied to the columns and as queen and mistress over life and death of the subjects, I cooled my most ardent vengeance on them!

267,12. But when were you destined to fall? Your next friendly visit to these snakes would have cost you your life just as you have seen here on this calf! But just go out to the dwelling of the goddesses, and you will surely find also the little murder weapons and recognize from this how far this conspiracy has spread already, as well as the reason why I pursued these goddesses!

267,13. But if you want to know from where these goddesses obtained the poison, just search the garden and in an arcane corner thereof in a glass house, you will find a sapling which has pearly drops on its stem; but these drops are precisely this terrible poison!

267,14. I mean, that will be enough to see why I, as your greatest friend, acted with the mobilization of all cunningness and caution against these women!"

267,15. Fungar-Hellan and the King were quite pale and no one knew what was really happening to them.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-267 Chapter