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Chapter 268

268,1. When the first surprise and quite terrifying amazement of the three had settled somewhat after a while, Fungar-Hellan looked wide eyed at Drohuit and said to him: "Drohuit, either you are an emissary of the good gods and the old wrath God, who is also good as long as one precisely does His will; but if one only slightly acts against it, He becomes full of wrath and wants to destroy the whole earth!

268,2. It may be that you are an emissary of this God! Or you are an envoy from the lowest and most dreadful hell which is the prime residence of Satan; for otherwise it would be completely impossible that you alone came behind all these secrets, which would have remained unknown to me!

268,3. See, in this large city, which counts more than a hundred times thousand homes, nothing happens and nothing can happen which is not known to me almost at the moment of it happening! What devil, what Satan must have orchestrated this conspiracy which remained hidden from my senses until this dreadful time where I had to learn about it from the hot mouth of Agla?!

268,4. And how did you get behind this truly most horrific satanic hellish conspiracy? Only that explain to me and I will be at ease with everything; but if you can’t then all lions, tigers, hyenas, wolves and bears will become your company!”

268,5. But Drohuit said: "Friend, what are you talking about as if you know everything that is going on day to day in this large city?! I tell you: Only masks fall into your senses, but never the deeper circumstances!

268,6. Who can discover you my thoughts? Can I not talk and act deceivingly, so that my words and actions must appear suspicious to you, while in my thoughts I have quite other plans for your benefit?!

268,7. Or I can speak and act very righteously before your eyes; but can you look also into the secret chamber of my thoughts, if there doesn’t lies a finely thought through betrayal for your downfall because of your tenacity to trust your exaggerated omniscience?

268,8. As such you did not noticed from the talk and actions of your beauty goddesses that they grow poisonous trees in covert corners for your downfall, and how they prepared a lot of most inconspicuous, but the more effective killing tools for you!

268,9. But why? - Think of the new tax imposed on them and the order that none of them, sanctioned by the death penalty, may ever become pregnant, and you very soon are going to recognize the reason for such a conspiracy!

268,10. However, as Agla told you, so I say too: Go, and convince yourself of everything, and only then tell me if I am ripe for the company of lions and the like!"

268,11. Fungar-Hellan was very puzzled about this speech and demanded to go to the garden of the beauty goddesses, to convince himself of everything. And thus the whole group went there.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-268 Chapter